Out Of Detroit- One Couples Tiny House Van Dwelling Dream

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen talks with duo from “Gone Vananas” (while at the Tiny House Festival Arlington, TX) about their van conversion- an ultra tiny house on wheels that hails from Detroit, Michigan. In this you’ll get to see its galley kitchen, small bathroom (with a composting toilet) and much more- all while hearing of their “hits and misses” along their path to living a mobile and affordable life.

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  1. Great to see more videos like this only I wish there was more of a tour.. ?Good interview tho, and they seem like a nice couple. I knew rt away the weight was too much. They talked about some features that may have been nice to see. Maybe you could do interviews and then a 10 min tour. Do they have solar, fans, what’s the electrical system, type of van…? We wanna know?Now I have a Q for you and other YouTube vloggers, how do you find these ppl to interview? Did they contact you? Thanks again. Love your vids!?

    • I would be happy to talk about our van if you have questions. Feel free to go to our website, gonevananas.com. If you have any questions that aren’t answered there, please email us or use the contact form. Thanks for watching!

  2. This Is So Awesome! I’m From The D Myself & I’d Love To Create A Van Like Theirs! Actually Think They Used The Style Chassis I’d Been Planning To Use Years Ago! Looking Forward To Visiting Their Site & Learning More About It!

    Thanks For Sharing, Deek! ?

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