Parents Downsize to School Bus Home w/ 3 Kids + Mobile Salon


Adam and Joanie downsized into a home that they renovated themselves with their three kids. Now they are living their best # while running a mobile salon and homeschooling on the road!

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Matt Alexander

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  1. If you love Skoolies more than Tiny Homes and Vans, like this comment. I”m curious to see how many of you like them best!

  2. This video awesome and they r right living their lives enjoying fun journey with kids because they won’t be small along time just enjoying the out doors also that concept of her salon beauty business well build in very sharp smart good for you guys hope the best looking happy is main thing for sure k..😉😊

  3. This couple did an excellent job on the bus renovations . Adding a beauty salon to the bus that’s interesting and unique.

  4. Looked cute but no shower must be brutal.Im temporarily homeschooling one child and work…and I barely have time to pee couldn’t imagine doing all that this wife does. Im hoping Dad does something for all her sacrificing??. This is the first tiny house episode where I felt it was too small for five people…and I don’t know why I was bothered by this oddly but something seems off

  5. Love this bus, love the family! I was born in MN, move to TN and never looked back. Come to TN! I’ll be your client! PS: my daughter’s name is Eden!

  6. Unfortunately the video gave no true idea of how the bus/home layout is/works. Based on the video, looks like very crammed in with stuff.

  7. interesting family but the close-ups and constant cuts made it hard to understand the lay out ..the bus looks really beautiful … from the video the bus appeared cramped that may not be the case but hard to tell ….

  8. Would you do a questions video? I really enjoy the tiny home content but I think we would like to know about you and the tiny home decision and what you do on the day to day in the tiny home.

  9. I’ve seen this family before they seem like a really nice family. They just seem to have a lot of fun and enjoy spending family time together. Which a lot of people have lost that family time in all the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world. I wish I would have thought of doing this when my kids were young. Now their all grown up, time goes by fast….
    Love their bus its very nicely done.

  10. A very kewl bus…love the whole layout. Nice family too:) Wishing them the best and happy travelling even though it might be temporary.

  11. This particular video was interesting. I felt like I got to know the people but I’m still waiting to see the bus with a proper tour like your usual videos.

  12. This seems like a fabulous way to live, but I wonder for the children sitting in those bunks, as the little girl looked very round shouldered as she sat there. In long term I wouldn’t think this would be suitable for a growing family.

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