People Try Living In A Tiny House

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  1. I would think it would be nice and cozy. But I don’t know if I could do the
    standing and eating or no plumbing though.

  2. I am so fascinated by tiny houses. I have been researching them for a
    while. There are bigger tiny houses that might be more to you guys liking,
    especially the ones with traditional foundations.

  3. I’d be fine to live in one if it wasn’t so fuckin’ cluttered. I have less
    shit in my kitchen than this woman has in hers.

  4. It’s way better than that stupid 1$Mil foldable apartment. Imagine having
    several of these tiny houses and combine them with a custom hallway,
    practically you just made an awesome inn.

  5. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable living in a tiny house for extended
    periods of time but this would be an amazing get away spot. Like a
    clubhouse or something that you can just go off to and relax with a good
    game or take a nap. Really, my only issue with this particular one is the

  6. I think this is way too tiny for me, but I wouldn’t mind a “bigger” tiny
    house. They said at the beginning that this is 112 square feet? I wouldn’t
    mind something twice as big, which would still be cozy and tiny. :D

  7. for the price she paid and the square footage she got it would’ve made more
    sense to just buy a full sized house. don’t get me wrong i like tiny houses
    but that’s just crazy when you pay more for less.

  8. It is exactly the living environment of some of the Hong konger in term of
    size. As shown in the video, this is a luxury one compare to the common hk
    people would have.

  9. I love tiny homes. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with them. I don’t know if
    I could live in one now with two 5 year old boys and a husband, but I love
    the idea of them and give huge props to people who can actually live in

  10. This is a super tiny tiny house. There’s a lot that are over 200 sq ft,
    still tiny, but a bit roomier and nicer than this one. I would love to try
    living in a tiny house!! 

  11. pfft what fucking ever!! I lived in a single room with my boyfriend
    before…wasn’t fun when he was yelling at noobs all night while I was
    trying to sleep…but we did it

  12. I personally think that would awesome! I would live in one all by myself
    and wouldn’t it be cooler if it wasn’t a trailer but a car instead. So like
    it would be a caravan thingy

  13. This is so ridiculous. I don’t even understand how this could be some sort
    of extraordinary experience… it’s just a house that is a bit smaller,
    than the average. If I wasn’t considering children, that would be much more
    space than I actually need (being in couple and all). Maybe it’s because
    I’ve lived all my life in Europe and studied in boarding schools, but that
    seems like a lot of space already. The flat I lived in when at college in
    Paris was 7 square meters, and the loo was common for the whole floor. I
    found it quite comfy. 

  14. My mom bought my house for 43k it’s three bed rooms one master a giant
    kitchen two bathrooms a huge yard one walk in closet a basement laundry
    room reading room and livening room. 

  15. I have been reading up tons on tiny homes and sustainable living. I really
    need to find a place locally to stay in and try, before making a commitment
    to the lifestyle

  16. What about the dogs? My dog stays in the house with me along with three
    cats and a fish tank. The dogs should be able to come in and sleep at
    night. I would like to see a covered porch with a drop down table and
    chairs – expand the house more to incorporate the large lot. The outside
    looks pretty bare, no landscaping or garden.

  17. I don’t understand the novelty. It’s like luxury camping. Have none of you
    ever been camping? There are many people who have to live in a space that
    size with their whole family, America of all places should know that (there
    is more poverty in the US than I have seen in many other western countries)
    and even for that it’s still luxurious. My partner and I lived in one room
    together for a year and it wasn’t a problem, I don’t get why people think
    it’s fun to be a princess about it and act like it’s some kind of
    experiment. It’s life for most of us.

  18. You know how many people would kill to have this house? I live in India &
    if they could make such houses here, it would benefit a number of homeless
    families :)

  19. My tiny house would have to be at least 40′ x 60′, two stories, a finished
    full basement, and a two car garage– But that’s just me. 

  20. That is way too cramped the sleeping area is ridiculous you can’t even sit
    up. I have seen better slightly bigger tiny houses that are better made.
    The concept of a tiny house is neat but not for me. This place would be a
    nightmare for someone who cooks a lot. 

  21. This would probably be the reality in our country, if people lived in
    houses they could actually afford. Having a 30 year mortgage is
    ridiculous…..Just says you cant afford to buy one.
    Id totally live in one of these. How much of the house do you really “live”
    in anyway.
    More people, less space, less resources…. welcome to tomorrow s world….

  22. I think it’d be easier on the people in the vid to stay in the place, if it
    wasnt filled with someone else’s stuff/they weren’t worried about messing
    things up. I think a big part of it, is designing the small space to fit
    your needs (obviously) you work with what you need, when you dont have a
    lot of space. Don’t read a lot, or have a lot of books? Dont waste space
    with book shelves. Its simple things like that. 

  23. did that guy say he wAS SIX FOOT SEVEN?? wow… that’s really tall, and i’m
    short haha. he would tower over me like a skyscraper.

  24. Tiny houses are not for everyone. While I wouldn’t mind trying it out, I
    want to make the choice. There are people in the “tiny house movement” who
    want to force it on people, and sorry, that is not okay no matter how much
    you like it yourself. This video isn’t about that, but it still needs to
    be pointed out.

    Also, the lone guy, who studied “sustainable house construction” in college
    having second thoughts on the “feasibility” of it right when he did near
    the end… THAT is how it really is. You think something will work for
    you.. till you actually experience it…

  25. The single guy, if he wasn’t laughing at the end and all that, I think he’d
    be that kid that comes to school and shoots people. Jk he’s great haha

  26. Is this a joke? 40k for that? You can build a full size house, 2-3
    bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,living room and all with that money, hell, you can
    even build yourself a garage for 40k. But, what do i know, i live in
    Romania. :))

  27. id love to travel the world in a tiny house. You can take your whole home
    with you! you can be somewhere different, but every time you still have
    the confert of your own home, not a nasty hotel

  28. I could probably survive in a house that was about the size of 3 of my
    current rooms combined. (I have a tiny room.) Maybe even 4…. And also
    have constant access to wifi. Everything else would be unnecessary. lol

  29. I would survive in this house living ALONE. I love tiny spaces and plus
    I’ve wanted to sleep in my closet CUZ it’s small in there lol

  30. My only issue with these are the bathrooms. Otherwise, they’re pretty cool.
    You’ll think twice about buying crap you don’t really need, pay less in
    taxes/utilities, do less maintenance, and you’ll probably go outside more

  31. In my state of Oklahoma you can get a thousand or sometimes more square
    feet for $50,000. Depends on the area sometimes, but I honestly don’t see
    how that small of a space is worth it for that price. Then again, Oklahoma
    has fantastic pricing. I’m also confused when I watch House Hunters and see
    couples spending 850,000 on a tiny 2 bedroom house when that price gets you
    a huge 15,000 sqft house with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths here. Different
    economic locations, though, I guess.

  32. 1 how long did they ‘live’ there and 2 where did the owner of the house
    stay in/live at while those people were there

  33. Yeah let’s be trendy!!!!! Hashtag fucking dumb people i want to punch in
    the face. These people need this house . Go ahead and park that in up there

  34. It looks like a cute and cozy little place. Personally, I have always loved
    tiny houses so I wouldn’t mind living there at all!

  35. My thoughts, a person who lived in a house like this. Remember respect them
    you do not know what they been through . I love that she opened her home to
    the three families. I take away from this video. New ideas and now to make
    a budget to build one next year’s resolutions. 

  36. This made me want a tiny house until I realized that I’ve been in trailers
    bigger than this and they’re terrible.

  37. the girl in the red stripes has a great body lmao but anyway it must have
    been particularly challenging for the one guy by himself since he looked so
    super tall!

  38. I’ve seen tiny houses that were much cheaper to build and looked way more
    comfortable. This one doesn’t even have a real place to sit and it has a
    curtain to seperate the toilet…

  39. This would seem cozy but it needs more fold-outs. It’s too crowded and the
    bedroom is a definite no for me. I can’t have a sheet over my head without
    hyperventilating, seeing the ceiling less than 2ft from my face would freak
    me out.

  40. I LOVE my 31 foot Tiny house of 2 1/2 years.
    But weirdly, it’s a bit too big for me and will be down sizing to something
    a bit shorter, like a 27′ with no loft.

  41. At 3:39 on the left there is a piece of cardboard paper having that says
    kkk ass, I’m really high like if you are to 

  42. tiny?do u guys dont know many people in Hong Kong that only have a bed for
    a “house” .Like this tiny house can live a family in

  43. WAW! that is one TINY house!! The 1 room apartment that I own is TWICE that
    size 😐 FML. ..but at least I paid less than that for mine (~38K)

  44. I feel like when the one couple is in the bed and the guy is taping the
    girl bitching about something, i feel like it’s a home made porno being

  45. This is a palace compared to where I live and twice as big. It’s also well
    made with good wood. That is why it costs too much. 

  46. On the motivational tag that hang from the spice rack I thought it said KKK
    Ass so many times until I forced myself to see KICK Ass. Oh the troubles of
    handwriting to interpretation.

  47. i live in a city and having small apartments like this is normal and infact
    theres even smaller places to live less than 112 square feet, the design
    makes the tiny house look so cosy and sleeping below the roof (or an attic
    room) with a window like this has always been my goals and dreams, im not
    going to lie this made me want to get a tiny house real bad and im kind of
    also squealing with joy (oops)

  48. I got one question left (after reading the comments section) 😛
    Can you actuly put this ”house” behind your car and drive with it around
    the country?? or is it illegale??

  49. It’s cool if you are the kind of person who is okay living on a boat. But
    for another $10K you can have a thousand square foot home and live exactly
    as green.

    I love the way it looks because wood sort of touches me emotionally in a
    way which drywall and Formica never can.

  50. What’s the difference between a tiny house and a travel
    trailer/camper/fifth-wheel camper? Seems like there is some kind of weird
    distinction where a tiny house is hip/cool while living in a van/camper
    down by the river is redneck (no offense to any rednecks intended).

  51. The size of this house is like a normal studio/shoebox apartment in
    Singapore but the decor of this house is beautiful,congrats to that woman
    living there for building it

  52. also this would not cause a claustrophobia attack or panic attack for
    intense mine are going into closet door closes behind me elevators and
    getting rapped in a blanket and can’t move and I can’t be held down or it
    feels like I can’t breath

  53. I’m from singapore and I don’t… Understand why do people want to live in
    a tiny house. Housing over here is so expensive with a 100 square metres
    flat costing up to $900,000. In America, your average house that probably
    costs less than $100,000 will cost us no less than $1.5 million and that’s
    considered a very good price itself. I know I sound really angry because we
    just have the lack of space here while other countries that have PLENTY of
    space and yet don’t utilize it by living in a tiny house. 

  54. Lots of people on this are saying things like: “Why would you volunteer to
    live in a tiny house if you are claustrophobic” and “who would want to live
    in a house like that” Well NEWSFLASH, that girl was doing breathing
    exercises and she could cope. She’s not going to die, don’t worry ✋
    Many people would like to live in a house like this. It’s cozy and can
    bring you closer to your family/friends. Don’t be so materialistic! You
    don’t need to have a mansion. This house is showing that you don’t need to
    have a swimming pool ecs because that’s the kind of thing that everyone
    wants. Do you want to be the same as everyone else? It could be a bit
    boring. So just think about it. This house is probably better than your own
    (even if you do own a big house with a swimming pool and a gazilion

  55. that lady doesnt live in that tiny house, she uses it as a office parked
    in the backyard of her 500 thousand dollar home in cali.

  56. If I’m a midget when I grow up it would be fun to live in one of these for
    like a getaway from all the videos I’ll be playing.

  57. My step dad used to live in a renovated ambulance (coolest thing ever), and
    it was about a third of the size of this! ✨

  58. The Asian girl needs to calm down and stop being so rude, the single guy is
    chill and made some valid points and the redhead couple just blatantly
    wanted to have sex in the tiny house. 

  59. “In College i studied sustainable design but never used it” That’s why I
    don’t get the American College system. Yeah, you get a wide array of random
    subjects but you don’t specialise very often at the undergraduate level. 

  60. I agree that it would make a great marriage counseling retreat.
    I do love the window above her bed, it would be super pretty to wake up to
    every morning. 

  61. I’m just wondering why you would live in a house like that. Better for the
    environment? Like to live tiny? Being able to afford a bigger garden?

    panel and find a well and I’m good LOL..this is awesome.

  63. I draw the line when I have to use a peat moss toilet while sitting in my
    shower that’s 2 feet away from my kitchen/living room/foyer. 

  64. Omg. The single guy is actually great. If he had a show I would watch it.
    Like just edited clips of him doing shit in his day to day life for 15
    minutes. He’s just too great.

  65. looks like a closet. it may be nice to hide there once a blue moon from the
    world. but personally i love nothing more then lots of open space for the
    most part. also for a closet, its pretty damn expensive. might as well buy
    a used van and live in it if your on a budget lol.

  66. Eh, the visitors reactions were very hipster and phoney. Ok, yes, this is a
    fluff piece of video, but I would really like to see a more indepth and
    truthful video concerning this topic. 

  67. I don’t think I’m claustrophobic, but I feel like living in a house like
    that would make me feel trapped. Like, there’s no where else to go. that’s
    it. I don’t know why, but that feeling just upsets me. I might go insane
    living in a house that small :(

  68. Are these things legal to hook up to a trunk (Like a trailer) Cause if it
    is my new goal in life is to make one and explore the world. XD

  69. I wouldnt last in a tiny house and i’m short… hmm probably becuase im
    used to living in my house and my house is a small bungalow., .. imagine
    hoe garett feels. i dont like big houses either maybe just an apartment

    i like the red girl personality she used hte tiny house to her advantage
    saying she learned alot about her boyfriend/husbad and ya

  70. 25,000-40,000? Please, you can get a house in the inner city with 3
    bedrooms and 2 baths with a nice yard for that much. Don’t get me started
    on this…

  71. Meanwhile my husband and I are sitting here watching this video in our 1100
    sqft manufactured home. It cost us 55k and has 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths (1
    is a garden tub big enough for 2), full sized washer/dryer, livingroom,
    dining room, big kitchen, plus 4 acres in Missouri. (And before you think
    it’s only cheap because it’s Missouri, these homes are the same price
    anywhere in the country. It’s the land that is inexpensive here). It’s
    totally possible to live economically without living in something the size
    of a closet! I totally respect the idea of a tiny house but still, around
    50k for a house version of a teacup poodle is kind of ridiculous. If you
    want to take your home with you get an RV. Then at least you’d have a queen
    sized bed that isn’t 3 feet from the ceiling and a bathroom that isn’t
    literally in your kitchen. 

  72. I don’t really know what these people expected when they decided to try
    living in a tiny house? I mean, yeah, its tiny…thats the point. Its a
    house that allows you to have freedom from the huge amounts of debt that
    you can incur when purchasing a regular sized home, and all the “creature
    comforts” that come with that. A tiny house gives you the freedom to travel
    without having to worry about living expenses, especially if you have to
    change jobs or move state for a job (something that happens very often
    nowadays). If you do have to move state for a job, with a tiny house you
    don’t have to worry about signing leases or buying a house and then having
    to try to sell it before you move. A tiny house gives the average person a
    chance at pursuing their passions. A tiny house means not having to work
    that soul-crushing 9-5 job you hate. And yet, all that these people can
    think about or talk about is the minimal downgrade in home luxuries. Hey,
    look, if you want to work at a job you hate, never follow your passion, and
    be in debt up to your eye balls simply because you want a sexier way to get
    out of your bed…thats your prerogative I guess…

  73. Oh no i even started loosing a little breath when she was laying there by
    herself, i would been running out within minutes

  74. lol, you all do realize that this is basically the size of a small camper,
    right? they just make it more livable and nice. For someone that lives in a
    camper half the summer, that is SO NICE. We have a truck camper (one that
    goes on the back of a pick up) which is…10 feet long, and about 6 feet
    wide (smaller than that) and we sleep three adults, plus a dog, inside of
    it, and its relatively comfortable. If you were to live in a Tiny House
    though, with more than one person, you would definitely have to make sure
    that everyone kept their stuff where it’s supposed to go…THATS when it
    gets cramped :P

  75. Oh man, this is SO for me. I keep saying I’d be happier in a smaller space.
    I’m an editor at heart, and this feels *perfect* 

  76. I couldn’t do the Tiny House with my family or even just my spouse. I do
    agree with the concept that we need to star using less space. We bought a
    small house, not tiny. It’s 998 sq.ft. I love it and feel good about it.

  77. 1. Does it have enough room for PC?
    2. Repeat step 1
    If yes, then it is good enough. Hell, i could get lost in that house! 

  78. 40 thousand dollars?? You have got to be kidding me.You could buy a pretty
    decent sized livable fixer upper for that amount of money..This has become
    nothing more then a fad movement.

  79. So I have heard a lot of people choose this way of life because its
    cheaper. The tiny house is 112 sqft at $40k-$50k including labor. The
    average American home built in 2014 was 2600 sqft. That tiny home made into
    a “normal” sized home would be around $928,571.

  80. It’s cozy, it’s efficient. I wouldn’t mind living there so long as it had
    room for my entertainment center and cooking appliances. 

  81. Hello claustrophobia! LOL. This would be kind of cool, but I’m a stuff
    person. No way would my whole wardrobe fit in there!

  82. seems really cool apart from that bed being so closed to the sealing would
    make me feel uncomfortable and the fact that the toilet is technically the
    same room as everything else is kind of gross.

  83. Looks like your average Manhattan apartment. LOL
    im just kidding. What an experience! I’d love to take this on the road with
    me if i were to go camping with my loved one.

  84. I would love to live in a portable tiny home, it’s convenient for traveling
    from place to place and I think it’s better than a RV? I’m not sure, what’s

  85. I’m like 5 foot and single and this would be sooo awesome for traveling.
    But my current room is bigger than this so uhhhh…

  86. I didn’t think people like that existed in real life: “I’m gonna instagram
    this moment. What should I hashtag this as?” How about #iamavapidcunt? What
    an irritating woman.

  87. Imagining living in a tiny house, I think it could be tolerable, especially
    if I was living alone or did only have one other person with me. I’m only
    5’4, everything I need is there, and the thought of experiencing this
    living style is exciting to me.
    Though…for the guy trying this out by himself for being 6’7- probably not
    so much.

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