Permaculture Tiny House Community Farm w/ DIY Tiny Homes

Welcome to Wildwoods , a village. When we met Brandon a year ago, the farm manager, he was preparing for a busy Spring of permaculture design and land work. ✨?? He gave us a tour of his charming 16’ on wheels that he built with his Dad. It’s now an Airbnb rental. And Brandon lives next door in a lovely 12′ wide .

He is incredibly thoughtful about everything he does. Permaculture is his passion. Brandon provides insight into the making of the community farm. Engaged residents are essential. Also, welcoming WWOOFers, interns, and volunteers from the local area has made a big difference too. Temporary farmhands can stay in one of the several on-site shed conversion .

Welcome! We are Alexis and Christian, the creators behind Tiny House Expedition.

??? After falling in love and building our 130 sq ft , we hit the road to explore the .

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    • @Tiny House Expedition Amazing. Zero water: push a button on the tank. A cool draft of air draws downward into the toilet, as a biologically-sound soapy syrup slides down the sides of the toilet, wetting it. Push the button again after your business (with the cool draft downwards), and another layer of soapy slush slides all clean. The whole business is piped down to a basement (or lower tray?) tray about 3 ft wide and 2.5ft tall filled with cedar(?) wood chips. All the poop and pee fall in here. Pull the drawer out when it’s full, stir it, and carry it to the woods for fertilizer. I used them for 16 days at a retreat in Vermont (of course) at the Trijang Buddhist Institute (all green!) . . . 350 acres of wooded land, with lots of fertilizer for the surrounding area.

    • Really? Clivus Multrum is a pretty old company that has branches in multiple countries…

      Their foam flush composting toilet is used in a number of public places like the Bronx Zoo’s Eco Restroom, for example.

      They cover the gamut from composting toilets to grey water systems…

    • @ZeoCyberG Could be . . . my experience was in 2008. I think they are so promising. And I wonder why they are not used but for 2 places now!

  1. Dream of community life and living off the land? Then you’ll love the Wildwoods community farm concept. Brandon, the farm manager, shows us the property with permaculture insights and gives tours of two of his tiny houses. Both charming but very different– a 16′ tiny house on wheels and a 12′ wide shed conversion tiny home. *For more tiny house communities, see our playlist:*

  2. Straw bale gardening offers easy start up, and breaks down as soil enrichment. Very versatile for people’s dooryard gardens.

  3. They could add some raise beds until they get the compost worked in the soil. And work out the water runoff or reclaiming the water.

  4. Dear Alexia and Christian, This video is among your best. We’re in love with the idea of the community possibilities of the tiny house movement, and Brandon really has some great ideas for turning that concept into a sustainable, super-earthly friendly project! Keep sharing. All the ideas are feeding my imagination for the future! – Love and peace, Debbie Jordan,,

  5. Very cool. For a great example of permaculture, check out Colette O’Neill on YouTube. A Cottage and Three Acres. There are hundreds of videos regarding how she took her barren three acres in Ireland, to what it looks like today.

  6. This will be outlawed in a few years. The excuse will be: “it’s an eyesore” “they’re exploiting the land” “they’re not paying they’re fair share into society” “they’re just a bunch of fringe preppers” ECT. ECT.
    Trust me, it will happen.

  7. This is my dream to buy some land to put tiny homes on and gardens. I can’t wait. I sold my home and living with my mom so I can save the money to start. I didn’t want to live in a HOA community and garden.

  8. WOW. I love this. So well done. It’s beautiful. May your community have much success! Thank You for sharing. 🙂

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