Pocket-Sized Tiny House with Main Floor Capsule Bedroom | FULL TOUR

Watch this EXTRA SMALL tour!

*For anyone considering a used trailer for a house build, please do your research to ensure that you know it's weight limit and that it meets all safety regulations to make it (for example we've heard that having brakes a tiny house trailer is a must to make towing much safer).

We spent 3 night staying in this tiny house and it was super cozy, and really fun to try a different style of tiny house. A special thank you to our hosts for their warm welcome!

If you'd like to stay in the Yewnicorn tiny house, you can check it out on here:

This on wheels is 22.5 feet long including the at the front and covered at the back. It has a with a urine diversion toilet, stall shower, and space saving sink.

The has a 2-burner propane stove, a bar fridge, full-sized sink, and some counter space with an additional triangle-shaped cutting board that comes in handy!

The bedroom is mostly enclosed but it didn't feel claustrophobic because of the high ceiling, the window, and the doorway at the head of the bed.

This size of tiny house would probably be best for 1 person over a longer period of if only because there isn't much , and it can be a bit of a pain to crawl over someone to get out of bed (but that would likely also happen in a depending on the orientation of the mattress).

Thanks for watching!



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  1. Nice presentation. Very peaceful and serene. This could be a cozy retreat area for a single person (with a companion animal.) The kitchen table could be used for artwork or sewing on cold or rainy days. The bedroom would be nice at night for movies. Great outdoor reading nook. (Not much storage though.)

  2. I agree and not having the Loft I would only want to laugh for storage as you get older in your knees and everything else doesn’t work I would never have a loft bedroom. This is a great size for me I think I would have done something a little different with the kitchen and that side table on the wall but I wouldn’t mind living in this one at all and it still can be transported anywhere cuz it’s on a trailer with wheels so it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen for the square footage on a portable trailer

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