Prebuilt Homes -Off Grid Cabin – Tiny house – Under 7k

If you are looking for a prebuilt off grid or tiny house this may be a great option for you! In my opinion the most bang for your buck is to buy a pre fabricated house like this if you don’t build it yourself. Building a cabin or tiny is best on the but this is a great option. the you will have to do it yourself (diy) You can these tiny and cabins all over the usa! Also check out my video build for under 300 dollars.


  1. Thank you for the video buddy …it’s very good option… You by the Shell can you finish the way you like it I believe he’s that great option

  2. Hey Bo….I have the ambition…but the property I’m looking at I can’t cut a bunch of trees down to build my cabin ..I have the building experience also….and I would do all the work inside on my own…can u up grade the roof to 2×6 obviously more money….and where were these buildings at?…. I could afford to do this…u got me excited now cause I have some land I can be on just can’t cut trees down… now that I see this….I’m interested…….love ur channel bro….and I will come visit u soon…when obviously ur ok with that or if ur ok with that….is there a p.o. box we can send u things….I have something I wanna send you for ur cabin…let me know bro

    • Of course !!! And no not yet honestly did not think anyone would send anything haha your awesome !! I need to set one up anyways when I do i will let you know your the best!

    • +Off Grid Bo ok man… obviously you don’t want to give ur real address out …..but once u set up a for ur fans to send u stuff let me know….hey as fast as ur gainning subs u have to do this…lol….all the big you tubers have p.o. boxes….and I have a strong feeling you are gonna be huge…you could trust me with ur real address if you want email is if u want to send it to me so I can send this gift…I live in Michigan it would take a few days to get to you…but I COMPLETELY understand if u want to wait for a….hell I don’t blame ya….but I think u will enjoy this gift….I seen it and thought it would fit perfect in your world/cabin…..again keep up the good videos bro!!!! ???????

    • +Off Grid Bo don’t know what u meant by u will send it to me today….ur actual address or a p.o. box but I just checked my email and I didn’t see anything either way….and that’s fine I’m sure ur busy…..but I wanted u to know I didn’t get anything from you so if u were waiting for this gift and never received it …then think I was fibbing…lol…can’t wait for ur next video….looked like alot of snow u were raking off the cabin….I’m in Michigan and we only got like 4-5 inches where I live….

  3. Another really good video man! You are comfortable on camera which puts viewers at ease too. For my money, I like the little one with no porch and the double loft. Agree about raising it up of course and skirting nice and tight. I keep hearing folks who are building new or placing structures in remote areas are really loving that Reflectex material under their floors instead of traditional insulation. That’s the shiny space blanket/bubble wrap like material only about 1/4″ thick. Mice don’t seem to like it and works like a charm to hold temperature.
    In a future video I’d love to hear a little more about the zoning requirements for buying land for an off grid or tiny home/cabin. Thanks brother!!

  4. I looked at the same one you like back here and it was going to cost me about 12000$ to have it the way I wanted it, building my own and it’s going to end up about 3500$ but I did get a lot of second hand material but hey it’s working out good, nice video good info for people, stay safe out there my friend.

    • Yeah if you can build it I say do it for sure. Heck i built my cabin for 300 bucks. Anything can be done with determination. But I woould say its a great option for the average Joe wanting something on the side

  5. Thanks for the video Bo! The large with the nice porch will be a mansion for me (alone). Will be nice in the next, if any review, you continue with the distribution you think will be the best… This time you start and finish with the kitchen!

  6. That sheathing is crap plywood. My neighbor had a shed just like that. In 10 years it was already torn up and leaning over. For 6k, you can probably get better material and labor if you can’t build yourself.

  7. Hi Bo, I love looking at the sheds mine is a 10x 20 I had it built by the Amish. It has barn doors on it. I love the porch too. I paid $1800.00 for my building. I use it for my craft sales. ?. NonnaGrace

    • Off Grid Bo Hi, if you would like to see what the building looks like at the beginning of the video you can see the building. I wish I would have shown more of the outside. I was more focused on the crafts that I was putting in the building. The name of the video is … Crafters dream building. Thanks ?. NonnaGrace

    • thats what i got. 10×20 knotty pine treated, barns doors and windows on front in wide section. metal roof. i paid twice that though, and it was still cheaper deal here. Amish built

  8. Will they deliver the home to wherever you want for a price ? Or do you have to do it yourself if you are out of state. Thanks for uploading great info. I’m loving the first one, with a fireplace of course.

  9. If you’re going for a tiny home in the shed to home arena, Graceland storage buildings are the best build out there. Their quality is top notch and their storm rating is the highest I’ve seen in any kind of shed/storage building. If I had the money I would so have one of the Graceland buildings.

  10. Nice job Bo, as always. If I may add a note of caution… If you do opt for one of these pre-fab cabins, think long and hard before using sheet rock anywhere in the home- unless it’s set on a concrete slab. These houses tend to settle quite a bit, and over time, it is common for the sheet rock to develop large cracks because of it. A fair alternative, is to use 4X8 sheets of plywood, cut into evenly sized strips, (ie: four strips, each 1’X8′, or eight strips @ 6″X8′ for example) Alternate the strips when nailing them to the studs in a horizontal fashion, so the grains do NOT match up- thus giving it a natural “tongue and groove”- rather than a sheet of plywood- appearance. This can be sanded, stained, satin washed, Linseed Oiled, etc… Also… (This is important) when rip cutting the plywood pieces, make your cut directly ON the measured cut line- if you make the cut to the edge (just bordering the cut line to the right) which would give you a “true” 1′, or 6″ wide piece… your last piece will be just shy of the desired width, due to the thickness of the saw blade.

  11. This is what i did. I wish i would have stick built or did a log cabin. I went with the shed cause it was instant and affordable. Mine is a 14×24. I think i paid like 5500$ but its been a few years and cant remember e exactly.

  12. I think these are kinda cool but hate the porch.I would rather have that space for the inside.I have checked out one that was pretty much exactly like this one. I think I would like the door on the side and add a lean to full length porch to it.

  13. ASK FOR SPECS AND LOOK AT SNOW LOAD. Trusses are a lot stronger than you think.We built building 50×160 ft. The trusses were 2×4 and spanned 50′. This was our motel we built in 1975 Trusses are engineered.

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