Proof Families Can Live In A Tiny House

With a downstairs bedroom and two lofts above, The Archer has more than enough sleeping places for everyone in the family to catch some z’s. Add a deck to this lovely tiny house and you’ll have plenty of breathing room. It kind of reminds me of what my Mom used to say when I was a kiddo “ya’ll go outside and play and come back at dinner time!”

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  1. It’s a beautiful place. Just worry how plus size people can get up and down the stairs without breaking the cabinets? Most Americans need a lot of leg rooms. We already hearing people complaining about airplane not having enough room, cars not enough leg room, etc. People are getting bigger and bigger.

    • shopperoo99 worry? What worry? Get those people a weight watchers invitation and see them become normal again. Problem solved.

    • I think anyone living “larger” knows they will have to make different choices to adjust for their girth. I have friends overweight because if medical reasons and they just know that have to seek things out different than other people

    • +ZeoCyberG Doesn´t matter where in the world it is. Obese/overweight people should always try and become normal again. The super rare cases where someone really cannot do anything about it are excluded of course. Most of the times it is just that people cannot get their thicc ass to leave the couch. Plain and simple as that.

  2. This is great for young, healthy, singles and couples. Again, I worry about little kids and the elderlies falling down that steep stair without any protective side rail.

    • My thoughts exactly! I would never want to live in a place with ladders and/or open stairs. I would constantly worry, even with children older then 5. An arm is very quickly broken that way.

    • +Heather Jolly my best friend from elementary school fell from the ladder of a bunk bed, fell directly on her arm and broke it severely. A complicated break that needed operation and screws and a plate, left a big scar. Shes lucky she can move it properly!

  3. I’m always amazed by ‘professional’ builders that place a stove within the proximity of a refrigerator; especially a refrigerator that is already squeezed into a dedicated ‘cove’- like placement.

  4. You can live in a cardboard box if you have to,or a 🏕. This type of housing isn’t any different then living full time in an R.V. ! Looks simple enough but if you thinking of trying this out , depending on the size of your family ,I suggest renting a RV for a week or two Be fore starting this new way of living. It’s not for everyone.My Family lived in a 24 ft travel trailer for meany years, but we had the nomadic heart and soul and we were migrant workers working in the orchards picking the fruit doing that job rumored to be one Americans won’t do . We aren’t Mexican immigrants. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of Mexican people who also do and did this work and they are very fine people they are a good people ! And where are the children 👶?

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