1. I hired you build my home how am I going to build my home first .I never build a home . Why don’t you wanna build my home . Plz tell me

  2. Will there be a singles section? I ask because it can be challenging to be single with couples all around. People can get funny ideas about single people.

  3. Will the sheds have floors?
    You could save some money if you turned off most of the lights, inside the homes, and in the factory, after your shows.

  4. Question about the water pipe in the bathroom, can those water valves under the sink still turn? They seem really close together.

  5. Please come on the air today and let us all know you are safe and ok from the tornadoes! Praying for you all! Sister Jay

  6. If you ever get serious about actually showing tiny house a maybe I’ll be back. I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU DO SEXUAL SHIT PERIOD GET IT

  7. I hate those huge electrical boxes. Darn government has to make it hard on people to have a house without their say in what we can and can’t have.

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