Retired Couple Living In Tiny House Bliss

The title admittedly is a bit misleading. Thanks for the tour!

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  1. Very nice you so space. Hate big bathrooms anyway rather have more living space in the home. When I go to the restroom I’m in and out as fast as possible! No need to hang in there and look at the shower or the sink!

  2. I’ve been looking for a tiny house that allowed full height for the bathroom, and you not only delivered, you made yours cat friendly too! This is absolutely adorable and I hope to be even half as clever in my design!

  3. I am convinced that people in tiny homes have to really scale back their wardrobe (which is a good idea for me, too). I always think there is no place for clothing and shoes. Otherwise, I loved this and especially the spaces for the cat. 🙂

  4. Bottom stair would have to go as my shins would wack it. And there doesn’t seem to be a place for the dog to be that he doesn’t feel in the way

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