Retired Couple’s Super Custom Zero Waste Tiny House – Full Tour & Interview

This 300 was custom-built for a newly couple. It has a massive rooftop to create some outdoor living space, and it has a floor plan that includes a raised with a view, and two reverse lofts that eliminate the need for ladders.

Buddy and Barb are an inspiring waste-conscious couple with some impressive accomplishments. For nearly 20 years they ran the award-winning Gibson's Recycling Depot where they worked to recycle and divert waste from the landfill, and in 2017 they also did the Bolt Across Canada road trip where they drove across the in an electric vehicle while creating zero waste on the road. So it's no surprise that their house project incorporates zero waste principles like conserving resources and reducing waste.

The home is well insulated and it has triple glazed windows so it requires less to and cool, it has fixtures like a and a sink combo to reduce use, it has a built-in charging station for an electric car, and it has an composting set up to reduce the amount of household waste they send to the landfill. They also reclaimed materials throughout the house when they could.

The tiny house was built by Hummingbird Micro Homes

The pull-out in their living room is from Expand Furniture:

The indoor composter is from Food Cycler:

The charging stations they used across Canada are from Sun Country Highway:

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Additional photos provided by Buddy and Barb from Zero Waste Tiny Home

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  1. Yes, who would not love to have such a beautiful home with a breathtaking view. Would we not want everybody have opportunities and the means to live in such an environment? But imaging if all those who live in cramped apartments even doubling up, were able to get themselves this luxury! So much beautiful countryside would be destroyed, so many resources depleted. People who live in apartment buildings may consume less energy, less space, fewer environmental resources. As a comparison, if everybody on the earth could afford the luxuries of the developed countries, our small planet would be in much, much more distress than it already is.

  2. Glad to hear Kent Rathman of Sun Country Highway getting a plug here. His tireless work to install electric car charging stations across North America deserves massive credit!

  3. Do you know how much it takes make a battery car, it takes 1000s ton of ground to get one 1000 pound battery, these town that do it will become ghost towns because it will destroy the ground water!!!! Elites They are lying about everything!!! It’s a money racking. It’s not sustainably.

  4. Cute but no way would most places approve that reverse loft. You’re not getting out in the middle of the night,half awake if theres a serious fire.

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