Robert’s “Working Class” Tiny House Tour

Robert decided he wanted to built a backyard in Michigan so he spent several months it in his spare time. The outcome is pretty darn . The fact that it has two lofts means it's great for a small family or Airbnb rental. The idea was for his tiny house to be the base of a tiny homestead. Now that he's forced to move overseas, the tiny house dream is getting passed on to someone else. Thanks Robert for sharing your tour and thank you for watching. Checkout the link below to the listing.

For sale here:

Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily:


  1. I really am interested as to why you feel that’s bad idea I watch videos like yours because I want to know what’s so special about your tiny house. Leaving out why robs me of deciding whether or not I want to implement your idea into my own.

  2. I had to live with built in table, because my dad felt like it ( if it is worth doing it, overdo it)

    I appreciate the size & it matches the wall tiles, but i lost the flexibility to shift my working space when my mind wants to have a fresh position. My factors are mood, sun, new lighting & new equipment moves in.

    Sorry dad, love you too, dad.

  3. First great video and house. Do you make and sell these homes? I have a considerable amount of building lots, and am looking for a way to put in homes that fit the areas and some of my property’s would be idea for Tiny house style homes. Do you know of anyone that likes to do development deals on putting in lets say 24 of these homes at different sizes? Thanks for your time MRT.

  4. Love the fact that it is not already all “built in”. I think you did a great job of building & designing it. The different woods give it personality. I agree that the steps are a bit tall & I am not a fan of the tread style, but then I don’t care for lofts either. So for me it would have to be a larger footprint & have bedrooms on the ground level. I’m thinking a separate structure with 2-3 bedrooms [& toilet] joined by a “breezeway”, for those of us that don’t do ladders or stairs for whatever reason.

  5. The only thing that I personally do not like about this house is the steps to the one loft. Other than that, I LOVE IT!!! You did a great job! 🙂

  6. nice work! beautiful and well thought out. i like the idea of free-standing furniture instead of built-ins. it makes it look less closed in.

  7. Gorgeous wee house – I like the free standing fixtures, makes it flexible. Nice touch with the lamp in the wardrobe making a warm glow.

  8. Looks like real quality workmanship, but not very efficient use of space. Tiny houses need efficient storage, not just suggestion that owners can put their clothes in milk crates. This has much wasted space and almost no storage.

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