Rolling huts: metal-clad tiny wheeled homes move on a meadow

When Michal Friedrich bought an old farm-turned-RV-park in State’s , he wanted to restore the flood-plane meadow while leaving it open to guests. He called on Seattle architect , known for his mechanized homes often reliant on archaic pulleys, cranks and levers, to construct alternative mobile (alternative ).

The six “”- steel clad boxes on steel wheels- have never actually rolled (they were built on-site by local contractors), but they fit the legal definition of “mobile” and the site’s zoning as an RV park. Each tiny, elevated cabin is left as raw as possible with an all- interior – including that can be reconfigured from benches and stools to coffee table to a bed.

The 200-square-foot floating huts (each a nightly rental) are electrified, but not plumbed so each comes with a composting toilet (and access to the bunkhouse with more toilets and showers) and a bucket for gathering water from the hand pump directly below.

The Rolling Huts were inspired by Kundig’s “”, the home the architect designed on the same property for Friedrich and his family. Also a steel box on stilts, this one has metal shutters close up the entire house via a crank mechanism comprised of gears and pulleys. A hand-powered crank, like a ship’s wheel, moves all four shutters at once to close up the home (even during a power outage).

Rolling Huts:


  1. I guess if you live in a big city they are heaven but to me they are too close together. Peace and quiet for me does not consist of the neighbors kids yelling 20 feet away from me. No thanks

  2. Beautiful. Really , tools that what you egalitarian are, tools. What ass are you kissing. These things are cheap and ugly. I don’t see any warmth or love, nothing but how many idiots can we get to pay for the supposedly re- purposed beams or, let’s see what kind of tools we can get to spend money. This place hurts my heart to think this is how stupid we Americans can be. Stop spending money on these beeps and give it to basically hungry people. Pitching a tent is fun..

  3. Kirsten I gotta say, you do more for architecture with every video you post than has ever been done before. I love your videos and will continue to watch as long as you keep posting :)!

  4. meh . if i go to a place like this i want some peace and quiet ; some privacy away from others. Those huts looked crazy close together . Kind of defeats the purpose of going there when the hut next door has three kids running around .

  5. when people buy land and give it back to the people who need to live in a natural environment that’s a beautiful thing to do

  6. Lovely! although the “no running water” issue would probably be a bit of a buzzkill…
    (totally random side note I feel guilty about even thinking, since the lady leading the tour seemed so nice and knowledgeable and the property is so gorgeous: that thing? where people make statements? but their voice gets higher at the end of the sentence? like they’re actually asking a question? even though they’re not? I know it’s probably just me, but that drives me wild….made it kinda hard to concentrate on what she was saying half the time. ?)

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