Rooftop Deck on This Designer Tiny House in Oakland, California

Robert bought this tiny house awhile back when it was just a shell. Over the course of 6 months, he finished the tiny house with the intention of making it a comfy backyard guest home in Oakland, California. The best part? You can open the skylight and walk out onto the rooftop deck! Sweet. Thanks Robert for giving us the video tour!

High quality photos of this house:
Tiny houses listed for sale and rent daily:
You can stay in this tiny house!


  1. Thank you Robert for sharing.
    roof railing of some sort will help in preventing any future law suits of
    guests rolling over… after acouple of drinks. 🙂
    lovely, lovely place Thumbs up!

  2. I like how you have the kitchen against that wall next to the door and the
    space for the two chairs. I just wonder why I have never or rarely seen
    actual easy chairs in tiny houses. Like reclining ones that are more comfy.

  3. Absolutely lovely!! The dark wood accents w/black n wrought iron look
    fabulous!! Well done!! Agree **Needs small rail**

  4. I love your Tiny House,so cute. You need to get the weed eater out. When
    those dry out will be a real fire hazard just FYI.

  5. Really liked youre tiny house .also really liked how it fits al together
    like 1 piece, keep up the good work

  6. This is the best I’ve ever seen Oakland look lol… Awesome video! Tiny
    houses are hopefully something that’ll be in my future.

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