Rustic and Elegant Tiny House For Minimalist Bliss

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“Elegant Tiny Home on new 22′ Carson Trailer. Barnwood, pub brick, extensive cabinetry and a roomy bath make this a very livable home. Kitchen has a three burner gas cook top, granite counters and a butcher block dining bar, with lots of drawers and cabinets. The stair structure has a copper railing, with cabinets, drawers, and a closet underneath. The built in couch is actually also a twin bed on a blanket storage box (mattress is included). Flooring is dark distressed bamboo. Loft has room for a king size bed with room to spare, with built in shelving, dimmable track lights and cross ventilation. The shower is 4′ wide, and the bath floor is travertine. This home is heated and cooled by a new 9000 btu split system with remote control. Windows are all dual pane vinyl with screens. An on-demand hot water heater is included, and a 10 cu. ft. fridge too.”

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  1. that beat is smoootthh , and then it gets down some! mm mm! Ooo! That guitar comes out, then that

    . Damn .. this is great..

    • Just realized I’m commenting on a little house video .. Thinking it was an instrumental! hahah

      daangg this is a great beat damn. And those bongos in the back, dammnn.

  2. fake brick……NOOOOOOOOOO…it was suxh a PITA to tear out of the 70s era home we had…all this house is missing is charred plywood panelling. Actually this is a good basic design for a 22′ home sans 2nd loft. Separate dedicated eating area is a must!

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