Rustic Silo Turned Tiny Home – Clever Tiny House Design


This Airbnb is a unique build as the owner is a home dweller who still lives in his 2016 Isuzu NPR HD turbo diesel with a box. On his newfound property is a that serves as a quaint stay with an intimate vibe. The main gathering area is an old Silo that's been transformed into a space with all the necessities.

A small fridge sits on the countertop with an electric stove burner, a toaster oven, and a maker. Connected to the center area is a sleeping space with various materials creating multiple textures and a romantic appeal. The bathroom has a flushing toilet, gorgeous shower, and mood lighting. This home away from home is exactly what one would want in search of a peaceful getaway.

Shot by: @sagetraveling
Edited by: @sagetraveling
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