RV parks ease to tiny homes amid CA housing crisis & fires

advertises as “the only legal community in Northern California”. There are now 10 tiny homes on parked here – among 65 long-term residents – on this former KOA that now offers parking and .

To park your tiny here, it has to be built according to RV certifications and registered as an RV. We visited four tiny homes.

Corinne Corley: One of the longest residents here, Corinne moved from Kansas City to be closer to Stanford Hospital where she's being treated for a rare condition. Her home is “accessible” for her: it has that with a longer rise so she can walk up them.
Melanie: A widow who built her own home – including plumbing, electric and elevator bed – and moved to California to be near her daughters.
Park Delta Bay: https://deltabay.org/


  1. I think the rental for the space is ridiculous but I can understand the attraction for some people. The whole point of a tiny home is to be self sufficient and save money so buying a cheap piece of land is a better idea.

  2. Hi Kirsten, could you maybe do a longer video on the lady with the electric bed, Melanie I think her name is? I read she had some other great ideas (table) and there was too little time to show it all in this video. Things like that could help giving ideas to people who are disabled , making their house more spacious and very accessible. Thanks for this video, very interesting! Take care!

  3. I have a bed. I have a table. I have a toilet. I have a shower. Blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know. Can I live happily in a trunk, in a glove compartment, in an ash tray? I kind of get sick of it all downsizing America as the middle class is ethnically cleansed into poverty.

  4. One of my favorite videos from your channel yet! The combination of the stories told along with how and why they did what they did is remarkable. This could be the start of a much longer documentary on how things are changing in the U.S., how people are learning to adapt, and how to be happy with less. Thank you very much…

  5. Kirsten I just automatically hit the like button now when the video starts:>)
    I would not sleep on top of an inverter and batteries, no way on earth would I do that.

  6. Another video I watched on their loft they had this plant box with different green plants. It looked really good from the loft area and down below. That is an option. I think it would look good in this tiny house too.

  7. I would be a little hesitant to put a trailer at that particular part.
    Its a bit close to the water. That area seems like they might have an issue with storm surges.

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