RV’s are BETTER than Tiny Houses. Here’s why.

How does an RV compare to a tiny house on wheels? Which is better?


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Prefab Tiny Homes UNDER 60k!


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  1. A couple of years ago it was a “dilemma” of what is the better option but now with the INCREDIBOX its an easy decision, that tiny house checks all the boxes!!

  2. RV’s have a huge cost with gasoline to get from point A to B which has gotten crazy expensive these days. What many people don’t realize is most RV parks will not allow you to stay on a permanent basis. A month here and there, sure. But very few allow you to be a permanent resident. Those have become very hard to find, a space in which to do that in nicer weather locations. Personally, I would do an RV or a converted van just to be able to see all of the cool places in the USA.

  3. Hi Irina Dee! I have both!
    I had a Tiffin Wayfarer built in 2020. I absolutely love it for traveling.
    I also have placed an order for a THOW (Tiny Home On Wheels) with ITH! (Incredible Tiny Homes)
    My MotorCoach cost was approximately 140,000 at that time.
    Now, my coach is on the latest Mercedes Benz chassis so I really have a new vehicle and a new Camper. (A two in one) when you’re prices items.
    My TH will be built by the Amish under/through (Incredible Tiny Homes License).
    It will represent a cottage! (8 1/2 x 20) with 3 ft. Overhangs, dental moldings, corbels, Dutch door, even a cupola! 2 dormers for the upstairs loft.
    Also included, LP siding, painted white walls and natural wood ceiling’s with polyurethane on the inside.
    Farmhouse sink with butcher block poly countertop, floating shelves, and mini split heat/air, washer/dryer hookup.
    Exterior will have flower boxes, exterior lights and outlets and the list goes on!
    Randy (the owner) said these 9 new models that he now offers are going to exceed any type of TH seen for the prices he has to offer.
    Feel free to go to Incredible Tiny Home and check out the models offered as well as the new Incred I Box for only 20,000!
    I paid 49,900 for the Austin.
    There was a slight price increase since my purchase date due to all his supplier’s increase.
    I haven’t seen any tiny home builder yet offer what I’m getting and all the materials he uses are premium quality.
    So when I was comparing apples to apples I certainly took into account the type of material that was being used. (That’s very important)
    So when I compare tiny homes and RV’S I had rather take an rv out for road-trips and camping and use a TH for stationery use. This is my preference.
    I would enjoy your take on this company and their product.
    Thanks for all the interesting information you provide on your channel.
    I’m always looking forward for your next update!

  4. Some tiny houses are designated as RVs though—like the tumbleweed builder. It depends but that’s why people go to builders that are certified so getting insurance and parking it is easier.

  5. I like the idea of a flatbed with a durable pop-up tent like shell for sleeping and maybe cooking. Never bought anything yet, but hopefully soon though. When I travel full-time.

  6. Indeed, RVs are better, but tiny homes are usually self build. That means they’re way cheaper. The store bought tiny homes probably aren’t worth it.

  7. tiny homes you have to pay property taxes home owners insurance and all the maintenance up keep of the property, But with a motor home you pay for the registration and taxes on the purchase one time and the registration can be very little to none if you register the motor home in the right state. As climate change increases the risks of living in one land locked area you lose options on what you can do. But with a motor home you can move where ever you want in the United states. I own my home fare from the coast but if I had the choice I would pick a motor home instead. Just my opinion thanks and good luck to all

    • Who told you we have to pay Taxes and homeowners insurance? There are Tiny Homes communities that are rentals and we do NOT have to pay taxes. As for Homeowners insurance… it depends where you are.

    • @Robin von Kleist it is a logical conclusion, In your payment to the mobile home association you pay fee charge for the land taxes , That your mobile home in most case you own your motor home, But do not own the land and since you mobile home is movable from place to place, then the country assessor’s office will charge you a fee

  8. Ironically, the only thing Boxabl Casita units are zoning approved for right now is the 50 state RV license… Galiano has talked about this…

  9. I have researched RV’s and the problem is they can have leaks or the sides won’t come out. If the roof has to be replaced it can cost you $10,000. You also have to be healthy in order to set them up when you get to where you are going and do all the hookups. It is hard for retiree’s to fix them unless you can afford a Class A which costs are higher than Tiny Homes. I am now looking into a Tiny Home since I am a senior and don’t need as much room. I also like the communities they are in. People become family. It reminds me of my hippie days living off the land.

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