Same old story? How tiny houses make people want less | Katra Bryam | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

How have tiny houses become dream houses? In her , Katra Byram shows how the tiny house movement has tapped into a classic to make people want less. A narrative theorist, Katra Byram investigates the roles different kinds of stories play in human , as they shape self-understanding and meaning in our lives. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


  1. The reason why houses became bigger after WW2 was because USA wanted it’s developers to make more money by making them and selling them. Also USA had just discovered a lot of oil on their land and wanted to sell it. But it’s not the houses that need to be tiny. It’s normal size houses that need to be self-sustained, that’s all!

  2. Problem with this tiny homes, in today’s environment, there is no security! These homes are, altho a great concept, will not protect you.
    A good size vehicle could smash into it easily and good bye house and perhaps the residents as well. These homes provide no safety and in an lights out situation, the first to be targeted!

  3. They used to call them slums!
    Tiny apartment Huge social problems Tiny apartment Greedy landlord Greedy builders Tiny apartment Big suicide Count!…….
    Tiny apartment BS.

  4. I love the content that TED Talks provides it’s awesome. The content has motivated me to create and develop my own channel.

  5. A tiny house makes me want a bigger house :/

    I do not think tiny houses make people want less. They force people to have less because space is a premium. I would agree that having less is the key to being happy but only if it doesn’t impact your ability to do things. So most people would be happy to have less and live in smaller accommodation if there were adequate communal alternatives that did not break the bank.

    I.E: most people would forgo the expenses of owning cars if using taxis did not cost more over all than a car would for the same journey. Or look at Japan where you can actually go to recording booths and rent studio grade musical equipment instead of buying your own instruments and amps and stuff? And for many people owning gym equipment is a pain but they do not have the option to visit a nearby gym as it is too expensive/inconvenient.

  6. I love tiny houses. One for the butler, two for the maids and one for the cook. The grounds keeper gets a cottage near the gate house at the beginning of the driveway.
    Cargo containers are great. No planning permission for anything up to 25 square metres. However, to be classed as a dwelling, it needs insulation, electric, water and drainage including a bathroom. They are not more sustainable than bigger properties – so long as the bigger properties have appropriate occupation.

  7. what a load of rubbish – if you have the money a big house is great (within reason, no one wants excess housework or heating bills). This reeks of propoganda to me

  8. No! just fkin no!

    No data mentioned in this talk, its just based some ridiculous expectations…
    I mean sure not everyone should live in a mansion.. a medium sized house is good enough.
    beside living in small places can spike ones anxiety a great deal.

    Useless, and a waste of TED talk.

  9. Actually, build more, bigger.
    As with time comes age and more family with their needs to hold them all together.

    Nevertheless, good argument.

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