1. Can we build some too for regular working class people who just cant afford 1500+ rent in California?????

    I would love having me a little small cottage to live in; nothing fancy just safe and affordable.

  2. This is adorable.
    I hope veterans are included. Now hopefully it won’t turn into a slum for junkies.
    This is positive giving people confidence to feel better about themselves and move forward to build their lives again.
    Wishing everyone the very best for a bright future….

  3. Well Done San Jose. You may have to Improve it a bit over Time, Some Plants, Vegie Garden, but reasonable Shelter.

  4. Give it a few months and it will be a crack and decease hotbed. The city wont be able to stop people from bringing in hoards of garbage and needles. All these people will need to be fed 3 meals a day and be taken care of tirelessly

  5. It’s completely suitable for normal people who fell on hard times financially. Unfortunately, that is a small minority. Most homeless won’t qualify to stay in these gated shelters due to their drug and mental health problems, and unfortunately those are the ones that cause the most problems. None the less, I’m glad that the problem is starting to be addressed, even if it’s just for the easiest cases.

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