Sanctuary Tiny Home & Gardens In Spain

This weeks episode takes us to beautiful to visit an home and gardens that has been set up as a wonderful sanctuary space.

Anne, while born in Canada has returned to her family in to build her dream life. Here she has created spectacular gardens and a retreat where can come to recuperate.

Sitting amongst the beautiful landscaped gardens sits a small DIY-built house which has been designed to be accessible to all with the purpose of fostering creativity and relaxation.

We hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful house.
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  1. This is such a beautiful place that Anne has created. We can all use a sanctuary space to get away and reconnect to what’s important and this is such a wonderful example of that. We hope you enjoy the tour. With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. this would be great for everyone..sadly most of us dont have the property or the money to do what we want to do in glad you have all the things you need

  3. It amazes me whenever I see ppl have early retirement and living in dream house on inherited land, financial free without need of worrying all costs/hassles!
    Her empathy/compassion are keys to happy life!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I”m always so happy to see a posting from Living Big In A Tiny House, and skip to it straight away. This is a lovely sanctuary altogether, garden, home, forest. Thank you

  5. Nice house, but ableist comments. We don’t “have autism spectrum disorder” we *are* autistic. Most Autistics refer to ourselves like this. Neurotypicals: listen when we tell you what language is unacceptable to our community.

  6. New camera?? Anyways you look healthy and great as always. Looking forward to the next tiny home!!!!!

  7. Simplicity….. Well done…. Thanks for the presentation……. Love the idea with bringing the outdoors in . .such a beautiful view

  8. What a beautiful place! I wonder how you filmed this. Did someone else film it and you edited it? I’m just wondering as obviously you aren’t there to interview the people as usual. Anyways, great video! Love from Germany!

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