“Scarlett” Tiny House Rental with Sleeping Room for Five

Take a of “,” a available for rent at Mt. Hood Village in Oregon.

Of the six Tiny Houses available for rent at Mt. Hood Village, Scarlett is my favorite. She offers comfortable people – which is almost unheard of in a 24 foot Tiny House! How does Scarlett do it? She has with queen size beds and a twin bedroom on the ground floor!

Other features in this Tiny Vacation include: kitchenette, bathroom with full size shower and flush toilet and a . For more details, read my full blog post here:

Book your stay with Mt. Hood : https://mthoodtinyhouse.com/


  1. Stayed there last year.  It was cute and a good way to see that ‘tiny’ is really best suited to a single young person.  Just beware that every camper in the park walks by and peeks in the windows (with you inside) to check it out.  Multiple times people knocked on the door asking to come in to look at it (keep in mind this is a campground and we were on vacation lol).  Figured out that the sink in the bathroom is mostly useless due to it’s small size and the stove top seemed kind of dangerous as the drawer underneath became extremely hot!  But interesting if you wanted to see what the hype is about.

  2. Great tour, nice house too. Good to see you posting again. Hope your doing well. I was wondering if your still working for tunmbleweed? and if you need anything, a care package ect.

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