School Bus Converted in to House Is Couple’s Plan to Never Be Homeless

Roman and Annie renovated a into a gorgeous so that they will never be without a home.




ADDITIONAL PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Roman & Annie / Little Groundhog

Jennifer Gonzalez
Dallen Detamore
Jenna Spesard


  1. This is a beautiful bus. And I’m a vagabond at heart, so I would choose the bus over the tiny house. I know they both move, but the bus just seems more built for frequent moves.

  2. I’m Indonesian and most people here never even used a dishwasher. I guess if one day I ever decide to live in a tiny house I wouldn’t need a dishwasher because I never even felt the luxury of having one! Hahaha.

  3. Why not doing both?????  Starting a van with a high roof as it would give me a lot of time to plan my tiny house design whilst saving heaps and I’d be able tow my wee home as well!!

  4. If i go a big bus..has to b the long one or a mid size. But i want a tiny house with stairs n a room on the main for my crafting. Love ur vlogs soooo much..?

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