School Bus Converted Into Stunning Off-Grid Home and Mobile Business

This ’s motto is to Be Bold and Seek Adventure! That’s exactly what they are doing in their incredible which has been converted into a spectacular off-the-grid which also operates as their mobile photography studio.

Many people would love to live a life of travel on the road, but often wonder how they are able to generate income while on the move. This family have generated a successful wedding photography business which allows them to earn money while traveling.

Their 9 year old son is along for the ride and is getting an incredible education through road-schooling while seeing things that other kids only get to learn about in classrooms.

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  1. It’s totally unfair to their kid to make him sleep on the couch every night. This lifestyle isn’t sustainable if as he grows. The closet could easily be turned into a bunk with a twin bed and storage above and below, but this only works for a single couple as it is now.

  2. I read all the comments and only two other people asked about heating/cooling/insulation. (They didn’t get a response yet). I lived in an ex tour/school bus for 9 years and one of the reasons I gave up on it, was that it was often really cold or really hot, obviously depending on the weather. And I had an awesome wood burner, while they don’t seem to have any form of heating. All those single glazed windows will make all the warmth fly out really quickly and cold come in. And if the floor and roof aren’t insulated it will be even worse. Can you shine a light on this Bryce?

  3. Can’t say it enough times, Bryce you did an awesome job on this video ! I adore their bus !! The more I see school bus conversions, the more I want a skoolie !! I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now. They did a great job on the bus, I would want a little different set up, however that’s what is awesome about the bus conversion….you make it fit for YOU ! No cookie cutter life here for the bus nor the family. I traveled and moved all over the country and world as a kid, I turned out just fine. Yes, I went to public schools, as I’m sure he has already done, but I tell you…..I’d much rather be traveling than stay in one place & not be able to see the world as it really is. I applaude this family, they did an awesome job on this bus !

  4. the parents seem so extra, give your son a bedroom, living like that he can’t have proper education and friends so at least a bedroom would be nice

  5. Nice bus. I’m curious, what do you use the pots and pans for.? Didn’t see a kitchen ie stove, oven or microwave. Good luck on your adventure.

  6. Great that you interviewed all members of the family. Although children are always/mostly accepting of the living situation it is great to here their point of view. When you have the opportunity perhaps give them some more time to talks about their thoughts.

  7. Be nice to have a private bunk space for your son. My son would have preferred that. Especially as he grows. The lifestyle is great tho

  8. I feel bad for the people Brice interviews. They don’t know he says to *everyone,* “Oh, this is, LOVELY!” Or “BEAUTIFUL!” Or “GREAT!” Or …

  9. In some shots the bus is blue snd in some other shots, the color is sort of aquamarine. Love both though. Can’t begging to imagine a converted double decker british bus.

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