Seattle Backyard Cottages: City Legalities & Estimated Cost

Bruce Parker, a specializing in backyard cottages, discusses the high home prices, city legalities, and the potential benefits of building a small house on your land.


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Jenna Spesard



    • All of the above. Though I would probably be the one living in the cottage in someone else’s backyard if any of my family members decided to build one.

    • We are currently building a backyard tiny house/cottage in my in laws backyard for our family of 4! We are going through the daunting process but in the end it will be all worth it! Also we are building it all by ourselves

  1. I like this guy very much. He is calm and diplomatic I think. You need to be with municipalities. Very attractive housing.

  2. In the Dutch Antilles you find this to be a way of life. Many families were given land by the Netherlands many generations ago. Once their kids come back from college, they build One bedroom houses behind their parent’s house. It’s quiet often you see where there are two family homes on one property simply because you can build whenever and however. The land and the homes stay in the family for generations.

  3. Usally these are called granny units.These look very nice.As you have said Seattle is high,how much does one of these cost? Great Video.

  4. I really like the idea of having two or three small (not tiny) houses like the house the guy is sitting in for this video. That way you can rent out one or two of the small houses while living in another one and let the renters pay your own bills.

  5. There are so many places in this country where the law says : One dwelling on any given piece of property. That’s some old schoolie crap that needs to be abolished!!!!!!! All of us need to band together and oust old government powers and elect some free thinking folks and get this situation turned around for the benefit of everybody!!!!!!!!! So, get involved people in your area and lets make this happen!!!!

    • Just make a point to dig deep on all the regulations and such. Find out why they exist and what is the group/persons motivation for creating the legislation.

  6. Thank you Jenna, as usual a really professional video, look forward to your videos, hope you have an amazing life

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