Secluded Hand Built Tiny House in the Forest Full Tour!

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  1. I can’t imagine how much work it took to bring all the materials , especially the cement counter tops and huge heavy bathtub all the way there.

  2. How beautiful a location this is ❤ Love the bathtub, adore the working space window area upstairs. I would personally change the inside around but that’s preference, the craftsmanship itself is wonderful 😊

  3. Beautiful secluded getaway. Hhhmmmm … those don’t look like “floor to ceiling windows” that are 17 feet high (1:20 and 3:08). Floor to ceiling windows go from (wait for it) the floor all the way up to the ceiling (not 4 foot by 4 foot) 😂

  4. Maybe the owners of this cabin will read this – I hope so. Why do so many people build a place that doesn’t include a protective porch roof over the exterior doors? Who wants to stand there in the rain or snow getting soaked while they fumble for the keys? And why a shallow step right outside the door? A deep, wide, welcoming porch deck would be so much safer than stepping out onto a one foot deep step.
    A nice porch, with a place to put down your luggage and maybe a place for a bench – it would be a welcome addition to your home (which is pretty nice).

  5. Perfect getaway if you really need some peace and quiet. Wondering why the soaker tub is a step up though. It does not look like there is a lot of room to place your foot when attempting to get out of the tub.

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