Serenity in a Tiny House Community

Karin decided to build her tiny home after realizing she couldn’t afford a normal-sized home in Portland, Oregon, without going deep into debt. After watching a clip of Jay Shafer’s tiny home, she chose to build a tiny home to live debt-free.

“Serenity” – the name Karin chose for her tiny abode – has a double meaning. A self-proclaimed geek, Karin named her tiny sanctuary after the starship on her favorite sci-fi TV show, “Firefly,” and also because the definition of the words means: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Currently, Karin’s tiny home is parked in a backyard community in Portland, Oregon, along with two other tiny homes. Karin’s role in the community is to care for the garden. This year they harvested more than enough fruit and greens to feed all members throughout the summer months.

Simply Home Community is about to celebrate their year anniversary. We’d like to congratulate Karin, Tony, Lina and the other community members, for creating a sustainable tiny community model!


  1. Love these interviews and tours, thanks for bringing it home to all of us.
    It’s very nice to see a different age bracket– so many featured
    tiny-housers are early 20s, despite the stats saying that more than 50% are
    above 50yrs. I wondered, does this house have sheetrock on the walls? Also
    I have a question about cork floors- aren’t they hard to clean?

  2. Not to be shallow…I mean, she BUILT HER OWN HOUSE! Having said that, she
    is such a beautiful woman! That hair! Her skin! She’s lovely. And her house
    is amazingly welcoming-looking, peaceful, a sanctuary. A few months ago I
    checked out all the episodes of “Firefly” but only managed to get through
    the first two before they were due back at the library 🙂 I’d forgotten
    about watching more until I saw your interview with Karin 🙂 She seems like
    a great person to while away a day with in conversation and laughter.

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