Sewed own popup dome-home for need, been selling them since

In 1979 sewed her dome on an old Singer sewing machine, finishing it in time to become her eldest child’s first home. Motivated by the work of Buckminster Fuller, she continued to dome homes for friends until she responded to increasing demand and opened the country’s first retail dome company in 1980.

Today, Asha has stopped sewing and relies on her team at the Pacific Domes headquarters in Ashland, Oregon to fabric weld her domes. The company provides shelters for families, glamping sites, greenhouses, climbing, events (e.g. Coachella) and extreme outposts. “To test some of the possible challenges of on Mars, NASA joined forces with Pacific Domes in early in 2013 to erect a 44-foot -engineered dome on the northern slope of Mauna Loa, Hawaii.”

The company offers DIY dome kits starting at $5,500 for a 16 foot (5 meter) shelter that can be erected with their manual in a couple of days (instructions for the deck are included).

When we asked Deliverance about the frustrations of some dome builders like Shelter Publications’ Lloyd Kahn she explained that in the ‘60s people were domes out of wood which required sealing multiple joints, but that using fabric has made all the difference.

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  1. Affordable, airy and geometrically pleasing with a large viewing window…including the fact that they are modular. One could have several and create various ways to connect them. Flexible footprints. I’ll take 2.

  2. Kirsten, thank you for continuing to do these interesting and informative videos. This one was particularly interesting to me as I ma trying to figure out how to help my son. He may need housing in the future and I have a budget. This has got me hopeful that there is a solution. Thank You Kirsten.

  3. It’s a shame that few younger than say 40YO know who Bucky was 🙁 Happy that I experienced one of his 3hr “lectures” during the vietnam war. he was a real cult hero. Tx for featuring domes. Rich

  4. be nice if I could put one on my empty parcel in the California Highdesert. I fear the local munipolice will harass me over it though…code violations etc

  5. “we provide the floorplans for free” most companies would charge you extra for a plan to build a simple deck. and pacific domes’ structures are surprisingly affordable. really makes you recontemplate your housing goals.

  6. Interesting and innovative in old ideas that never fade away…. The woman interviewed is quite an Executive and brilliant in so many ways! Thank you!

  7. I wonder how long one of these would last in the harsh weather of Arizona? We get monsoon
    season almost every summer which brings dangerously high winds and micro bursts as bad
    as a tornado at times.

  8. Africans have lived in clay dome houses since the beginning of time almost, and you said who discovered this in nature?….

  9. Most of the hippies grew up and realized that the things they thought were true are actually idiotic. Communes didn’t work because the people who worked hard pulled all the freeloaders along, and eventually left when they figured it out. Communes were just a small scale form of socialism. “Free love” was just a way for men to exploit women. Drugs may be fun for a while, but long term, they cause serious problems.
    It’s nice to see another reformed hippy who has become a hardcore capitalist.

  10. so-called astronauts claimed they went to the moon, lol. so what’s next??? go to Nevada desert and claim you went to Jupiter? hahahahha

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