She Built a Gorgeous TINY HOUSE for $12,384!

Take a tour of Mariah’s Tiny House, which she built herself just $12,384. She now lives in it full time in San Diego, California.

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Jenna Kausal

Matt Alexander

David Frick



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  1. Wow :)) she is so cool! And, she obviously has quite a gift for architecture and design and building… truly impressive and inspiring, what she’s doing… and, how she shares her story is empowering! I know there’s a ton of Sweat Equity in this project but what a great investment in her home and in herself. Great video… thank you, Jenna 🙂

  2. Congratulations on building your own home and achieving your goal of stability! I’m always amazed at anyone willing to use public restrooms. I hope that you can get your composting toilet soon.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Functional, roomy and peaceful space and setting. Another great layout too to show you can go without a loft. Ps Please ignore any negative comments, you’ve done an amazing job on your home 🙂

  4. Hi Mariah, I enjoyed your tour – creativity & “let’s get it done” initiative.
    One question, you mentioned “makerspace” – I’m familiar with what that is – how did you utilize it to get your tiny home project started?

    Thank you Jenna for this share 🌠

  5. Really appreciate your effort to feature tiny homes from owners of different racial backgrounds, ages, and even abilities. This sets your channel apart from the others that just always seem to care about upper-middle class white couples in their thirties. Alternative housing is for everyone.

    Also wow, she built 98% of that house on her own? I would definitely trust this woman to help me out in a worldwide apocalypse…

  6. Wow I loved that video ! She’s such an amazing an beautiful woman! Also the house is incredibly beautiful, she’s very talented! And also the way the video was cut was just perfect! But what I loved most was the technique she used for the wood to protect it from bugs and so on. As a landacape-planner this is super interesting to me, but I never heard of it before. I’ll do some research about it now.

  7. The interior is beautiful! It obviously gives her peace. The raised bed area is sweet. I’m not a shou sugi ban convert, but I like the idea of the home’s exterior being reflected inside. No personal toilet? At 72, not possible. Tks!

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