She Built a TINY HOUSE with Covered Porch in the Woods

After building a in 2013, Jenna extends her space by building a gorgeous detached covered porch.

RIP Patty the Porch Post.

Peter Kuli | Track: “Love It”


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  1. Love the deck. You’ll find that it really does add to your square footage. I bundle up even in the winter just to have my coffee on the porch. How did your roof fare thru the crazy winds this winter. I’ve been on the island for almost 2 yrs . . . I love it but, the winds made me nervous. I think my trees are quite a bit older than yours and you wouldn’t believe the amount of crap that blew outta them. I had one branch come down right through one of my cedar steps to my deck. How much time do you spend at your home here on Whidbey? Maybe I’ll run into you some time at the grocery store . . . . lol

  2. I just saw your video and I also live on Whidbey Island!!! Was so overjoyed to see this!!! Wonderful home♡♡♡

  3. I once watched a border collie that was trained to turn around in several fast circles on the outdoor door mat before going inside. That quick turning action removed a lot of paw dirt and helped dry wet paws.

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