She Built Her Own TINY HOUSE Village and it’s Transforming Her Life!

M.J. Boyle built herself a House to free her finances and THEN decided to three more to create her own ! Watch to the end to hear about the finances and risks involved.

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  1. I’ve always dreamt of having a Christmas tree farm. I’ve almost bought two, but they weren’t quite right. Hopefully I’ll find one someday.

  2. Love MJ – A lady after my own heart, fridge stocked with wine & 15 min. to several wine tastings. I like the kitchen, so what that’s it”s compact, I don’t cook so it would work just fine for me also. Great attitude and game plan for now & the future.

  3. MJ Rocks, love this house its so colorful, vibrant and happy. Brilliant plan for the tiny house village. Might be a good idea to demonstrate the compost toilet to all renters. This will eliminate any mess and remind the renters to refer to the compost Manuel user friendly instructions/protocol. Happy colorful house, owner friendly.

  4. I think when this tiny trailer trend is over, there will be many of these that people will be trying to off load, they won’t get a return on their money they put into it, and someone will buy them for pennies on the dollar, group them together on some cheap land out in the desert, and make a motel out of them ….they could also be used for the homeless.

    • momof2 why would it be over? This works as a relaxing accommodation when you want to escape your busy life. People will never stop doing that. Maybe she won’t be able to charge as much but I doubt she will be out of business.

    • Being as so many of the tiny houses are custom. whether or not the houses can keep the value put into them depends on the quality and design of the build. Tiny houses are NOT going away. Considering both the economy, the changing climate, demographics, the water wars and shinking middle class, this trend will only get bigger. What is going away is the 2500 sq ft, 390k house that is now the average for a new full size house in the US. That can not last.

  5. Did I see correctly that she charges 70$/night? That’s a price for a 4* hotel at least where I live. I love the design of the house, it shows she has taste and loves her job, however it’s really small. Great for summer when you can spend time outside but I can’t see two people staying there for more than two nights.

  6. i LOVE your videos. they are my favorite. I would not be on my way to building a tiny if not for your videos. thank you for all your hard work!! I hope you’re having fun.

  7. I’ve been really wanting to build my own tiny home the only problem is having anywhere to put it could I pretty please live there my tiny home

  8. Cool house. Cool dream. I just wish people would stop pushing that sort of waste management system. At the end of the day that’s still an open container of human feces just a couple feet away from where you eat and sleep.

  9. I could so live there MJ truly understands a small space and what you need from it to live comfortably without feeling crowded. Loved it!

  10. I remembered her first tiny house and her story…..good for her!!!!!!………SHES MY COMEBACK GIRL………from Houston Texas

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