She Converted a Shuttle Bus into an Adorable Tiny Home

gutted and reimagined a into a beautiful rolling . She now converts buses and vans into for other adventurous spirits.

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Marcia Trader




  1. So sick of tattoo women doing this van and bus build….. shit a 14 year old could do this, wow tough acting bitch.oh your so sweet oh your so cute oh you got the great est hair oh love your voice oh your eyes are so pretty oh your tattoo is so cool you should have to live in south east Detroit in the hood they’ll straitin your white girl privilege shit out

  2. What a great place. I used to drive one of those where I lived, and always thought it would make a wonderful tiny house on wheels. She definitely did a beautiful job.

  3. So difficult to find anything positive on YT these days. Thanks for sharing. One question though, what happens to your business? Isn’t that a LOT of stuff?

  4. Very nicely done! Shower is so great to have. Its a light and airy space with those large windows. The closet space is wonderful. Great job overall!!

    5:11 – Those suitcase butane stoves (I have one too) are very handy, powerful, cheap, and portable. But… they can explode on you. I read several online posts on this type of stove being a real danger. If you put a large pan on it, forcing the flames sideways, it can overheat the butane cartridge to the right side and cause a massive bomb like explosion. If cartridge is damaged, ditto. If you try to close cover without cartridge being safely ‘clicked’ into place and damage it… ditto. Read the articles. Be very careful to use it properly, store your cartridges where they don’t bang around, and if you get a gut feel its wrong, turn it off immediately. A better option is the two burner Ranger Blind II stove by Campchef at $99 using regular propane. Not as small but safer and burns very hot.

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