She Gives Us The Full Tour Of This Beautiful Tiny House For Sale (With Balcony!)

If you’re interested, you can learn more about this tiny house for sale here:

“Built atop a triple axle tiny house trailer, this listing is a beautiful mix of including 8” Cedar beveled siding, Western Red Cedar Shake shingles on the accent surface, and a Pro Rib Metal Roof and accent walls. It certainly sets the tone for an exceptional interior!”

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  1. ⭐️ Nice Tiny House & design, without sacrificing comfort & function. With that said, I would like to know the brand of the stove/oven please. BTW, the bathroom is my favorite is so spacious. Stay Safe & Healthy.

  2. not only nice place to live at but also practical
    i wish you made more space for the head at the bedroom on the top and engage the outside more with an open area and more glass 👍

  3. Nice house but a terrible presentation. No information about construction or power input – is it shore power or Solar ?WC black tank or mains sewerage ? etc
    What happened to the view of the balcony that the guy said he would add on ??

  4. I dream of owning a tiny house some day. The only issue is my family has passed down the Dickens village (and some Coca Cola Christina’s village) to me that I’m not willing to part with. I grew up in a Affluent neighborhood and I live in a 1,000 sq foot condo. I couldn’t imagine getting rid of my dickens or Coca Cola village stuff. It’s too important to me. I have a small storage unit that is full of my Christmas (dickens/coca cola village) stuff. I don’t even own a tree. It’s just my cat and I living in this large space. Any tips for going tiny? I’m very sentimental and the Dickens/Coke a Cola village are NOT negotiable. Maybe I’ll never be able to go tiny.

    My neighbor or below me started his kitchen on fire that came up to my unit so I was able to purge a lot of stuff. I really want to go tiny but I’m not willing to give up my villages. They mean to much to me

  5. I watch all of these to steal ideas for my day dream fantasy of quitting and building my own. This has to be my favorite video I’ve seen. The house is very nice and has some very unique things but the couple seem so fun and happy. Hope they get top dollar and get to continue joking around together wherever they live next.

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