She Retired into a TINY HOUSE (with a Hot Tub) for her Senior Years

Seniors are choosing . Why?

Nature’s Head Compost Toilet (get $25 off with this link) –

Tumbleweed Tiny Homes


Drone Shot: Jonathan Benabed


  1. I’ve been dreaming to have a tiny house.. I wish that someday there would be a community for tiny house in the Philippines.

  2. Nice and I can see that the build is very beautiful but you hide it with to much things. I admire someone who live tiny. Thank you.

  3. Love the deck. Very nice and lovely tiny home. May I make a suggestion you could hook some baskets on that ladder for are closing it would give you a lot more room. And you could put like a little wooden box of your stove with handles on both ends sort of like a eating tray turned upside down and it would give you more counter space. Also make sure your stove didn’t get any water damage.

  4. How much nicer this is then spending your retirement years alone in a too big house or a lonely city apartment. Out in nature with a minimum of fuss and as independent as one can be. Hope she gets to enjoy it for many, many years!

  5. I didn’t even know about tiny houses, until I stumbled upon your channel a few days ago.

    I think I may have watched 20-30 of your videos by now, and because of THIS video I am now imagining a pretty cool future… one where I can live and grow old in a small village of tiny houses, with family and friends living next door. I am especially fond of the thought of my mother not living alone.

    This kind of communal living is really going back to the roots of how we humans used to live 🙂

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