She Transformed this Beautiful Trailer for $300! Tiny House Tour

Welcome to a tour of our renovated 2-berth caravan! We challenged ourselves to get the renovation completed on a tight budget and within a matter of weeks, as we had our first guest (Bee’s Mom!) coming to stay, so we were determined to get it completed and ready to stay in by then.

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  1. When I first watched you painting the caravan I thought,oh dear, this isn’t going to work. How wrong could I have been. Fantastic job all round. Your vision to modernise and to open up a small space is pure genius.well done on a fantastic job . Well impressed.??????

  2. Hi Bea, I like the way you have completed the decorations, with the china etc. With regards to the caravan heater. It has a flue connected to the outside, and the part where the flames are is separated from the air in the ‘van. So as long as the flue is not restricted (for example by snow on the roof – not likely in Porugal!) it should be safe to use. One other possible danger is if you were to put a cover over the roof.

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