Shipping Container Tiny House BRIDGES A STREAM -(FOR SALE!)

Its also build and placed (for the time being) straddling a stream (where it could be moved elsewhere or shipped to a buyer rather easily). You’ll want to check out the very cool “expanding shower” this modern shipping container house (conex box home), and the push-button up-n-down bed that take a build like this to the next level. Container homes CAN make sense on many levels, be it as use for a cottage or vacation home, as a hunting cabin, or as a ski lodge getaway. This one is for sale too and there is a TON of info down below past the links.

TINY HOUSE SUMMER CAMP SIGN UPS and the Transforming A- Plans are below too!

Shout outs:
Cam Chafee – Designer/Builder
REACH Cameron at: @cam_builds
And photos by @erinmcginn

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Deek’s Transforming A- Cabin Plans (which you can build for UNDER $1200!)- HERE:

Deek’s book “MICROSHELTERS”- A Bestseller…

Tuftex- the clear roofing and wall material I use a TON of my builds-

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need of an in law apartment? A space for your kid that just moved home because of covid? Or looking for a way to make some money on Airbnb? Possibly an office in your backyard? Do you want a vacation home to call your own? A ski house?

This container home could be the answer you have been looking for! A well design, comfortable, spacious (for a tiny house) light filled, shipping container home. It is designed to close up so it can be ship anywhere you need it to go, whether it is your backyard, a small plot of land Mexico, Vermont, or even abroad!

The container’s design allows it to be easily broken down and shipped anywhere the world; with no cuts or additions to the exterior of the shipping container. Leaving it structurally sound to ship anywhere in the world (with the correct permits and paperwork). Or you can close it up, put a lock on it and know your belongings are safe. When the container doors are open, the windows allow for plenty of and the opportunity to take advantage of your breathtaking views.
every feature of this home there are details which allow you to appreciate the care and planning of this incredible space. Come see for yourself!

-125 square feet
-20ft side open shipping container

– Closed cell spray foam insulation
– Senville cooling and heating mini split
– LED lights
– Raising and lowering bed from the ceiling (fits a full)
– Eccotemp FVI12-LP Liquid Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater
– RV Stove gas range 21” with range vent hood
– 3.1 Cu ft Magic Chef Fridge
– Custom baltic birch counters
– Sliding closet to allow for more living space
– Large storage drawers under couch
– Water hose inlet
– Propane inlet

If you would like to see more pictures and videos: Instagram @cam_builds

This is a well-built container home with a lot to offer. Interested parties please contact the owner with additional questions or showing requests.

Serious inquiries only
No financing


    • Good if you live in Florida huh? xD He did say “This is the water at the moment” – I guess he has something planned to close it in?
      Hot water heater would be better to be on the other end. Put it into the wall behind the mirror. Keeps the noise down to that end too.

    • Nice build buddy…! There ar always comments from the 20/20 hindsight…take it in to learn and potentially use on the next builds….All in all….innovative, well thought out, very functional and very good look esthetically! Keep building….!

    • The water doesn’t run through it, or even touch it- are you talking about the stream beneath it? The floors were insulated too.

    • @relaxshacksDOTcom
      I built a cottage over an underground stream once.
      With out realizing it.
      Even insulated, and carpeted, the floors were murderously cold.
      So with the space, and the water, I think it would be cold.
      Add that to the metal the container is made out of……
      Perhaps, you are in the south….????
      But them trees and leaves look northern to me…..
      What about snow?
      If you have found a method that works,please let me know.
      But in my experience,
      Just not a smart building move.
      The place looks great!
      Very cozy.
      Really nice with the floating bed.
      It’s just the placement.

    • @Micki Moritz What about snow? As in under it? Not sure what you were getting at….. anyway, thanks for the comments/checking it out.

  1. I have seen a number of videos where the host frowns on any drilling or nailing into the container. Cutting windows and doors compromise the stability of the structure. Nails and screws invite rust.

    Best shipping container home that I’ve seen is an underground home. 100 degrees outside, 80 inside without any air conditioning. Small space heater in the winter.

    • Those have their problems too (underground)- esp with moisture, rust, and people not realizing that the walls need to be strengthened before being buried. Yes, ideally you don’t want to cut into any structure as even with stick built houses, windows and doors are “weak points”, but you gotta have at least some natural light and and entrance. Would like to check out that other video sometime though- thanks- I’ll look around…..

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