Simple cabin clicks together with no nails in 32 hours

On an abandoned vineyard in Spanish ’s region, a tiny was built in 32 hours with a blockhouse system- without screw or nails- to serve as a for artists, artisans and anyone wanting to find inspiration from this “forgotten place”. The 6.5m3 hut is a part of “”, an itinerant camp that will move between forgotten territories every 5 to 6 years.

(Catalan for “shelter”), the group behind the project, aims to create a “shelter for ideas” in this . “A musician can tell his proposal through a song; a biologist can explain a strategy to strengthen some part of the ecosystem; a writer, a tale; an architect, a shelter made with the resources at hand; an enologist, a new way of making wine. All these documents are made in situ and become a mapping of the site and its potentialities, tracks of your life in this ecosystem.”

Noticing a “” process beginning in many occidental countries (after the past centuries overdevelopment), rather than leaving these new wild places alone, the group hopes to become positive agents for change in these newly communal spaces.

Ricard Pau of Aixopluc explains how the group hopes for a symbiosis between the location and its guests in a place disconnected from technology where one must reconnect with the natural cycles of the day and nature.

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  1. The cabin reminds me of our Forts, or log cabins that we have here in North America. If you had no blacksmith to make nails or spikes you had to rely on wooden dowels or lashings made of root material. It is nice to see that this way of building has not been forgotten.

  2. no? no? no?
    Blah blah blah, no?
    blah blah blah, no?
    cabaña blah blah, no?
    abajo banco, blah, no?
    mesa cocina, no?
    mujeres, no? no? no?

    • No, the joinery is similar to how log cabins get put together and many of them have lasted for centuries…

      Besides, it has already been rained on… Never mind it’s on top of hill, hardly a place water will remain for very long before flowing down hill…

  3. Great presentation & at 4:48/ 20:01 the spaniard slipped & said Huepa! ( Yikes) and realized in Puerto Rico we say Wepa not knowing why, thanks!.

  4. I wonder if the PLANS to make the parts to assemble this project are made public?

    Thank you and greetings from Portugal.

  5. I don’t really get the point of this building. Sure, it is mildly interesting in the way it is constructed. But it doesn’t seem to serve a purpose.

  6. The uninsulated and horizontal chimney that allows ambers to settle in there and smoulder until the house catches on fire… The ladder infront of the window… The “composting” outhouse with just 10 dry twigs… “3 shelters” (but only one that provides shelter)… The standing water I’m a warm climate (asking for health problems) in the rusted tank… Keeping shoes on when standing on the table (shows the dude really cares about money instead of caring for the building)…
    Reasons this building/ desig is not for me.

  7. Its a cute Toy-Shack thinking its a real house…I prefer to live in and restore the 1888 house, it has more charm and history.

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