Single mom & daughter tiny house on her own private land

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Stephanie, a , a house as means to achieve ownership. She talks about how she's ensured the space can grow with her daughter, and how they stay comfortable while living off- on their own private property.





Mark Dexter

Marcia Trader





0:00 On this week's episode…
1:04 Meet Stephanie, a single mother in a
1:21 Who lives here?
1:28 Why ?
1:45 Desigining the house with daughter in mind
2:14 What's it like to raise a child in a house?
2:42 Where is this house parked?

3:52 About the tiny house
4:59 Living tour
5:58 tour
7:26 /desk area
7:37 Exterior – Utility
9:37 A word from our sponsor, Yoshino!

20:43 Until next


  1. So happy that you have done all that and with animals,I love dogs and cats but dogs come first,I gad a tragic accident where my cat had been deleted and got run over by a car, this is a cat who used to sleep on my chest, so after that, I have only had dogs, mostly GSD, some mixed,I did not care, the biggest dog I had was 73 kgs, I think he suffered from gigantic as he passed away at 6yrs and 3mths, I was devastated but thankfully I still have a dog that I rescued, she is h halfGerman shepherd and half golden retriever and is brindle colour and with the most beautiful temperament I have ever had in a dog,although 7 out of the 8 have wonderful

  2. I could live there for sure. I’d like to know about the camper next to it. I can’t get over 2 dogs & 3 cats & it still seems like so much room.

  3. Having a tiny house on your own property is the only way to go. If you rent in a tiny home community, it’s the same as a mobile home park, and lot rents will increase every year.

  4. Did she have to get any special permissions from her county to park the tiny home on her land? I would loooove to do something like this myself.

  5. Wow , very impressive!
    Your Bathroom is beautiful 🎉.
    I love the chests under the stairs🌟.
    Owning n your own land is the best!
    Thanks Jenna 😊!
    JO JO IN VT 💞

  6. I know some people have complained, but I’m glad you have sponsors and are showing them. This only means your channel is doing well enough to attract sponsors, but more importantly, the sponsorships will provide financial support to allow you to travel around and to help this channel grow even more! Congrats! ❤

  7. 14:31 great idea to keep all the clothes in the bathroom where you can change while standing up and not having to haul clothes up and down to a loft.

  8. 19:37 I’ve seen people with much less square feet and they’ll say they spent around $250K! Why are theirs so much more expensive? $100k is amazing for this build and it’s size. I’m SO impressed!

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