Single Mom Moves into TINY HOUSE VILLAGE w/ Daughter


, Erin, decided to move out of San Diego city and into a House Village in the mountains with her 10-year-old daughter. She wanted an affordable lifestyle that was full of nature for her kid.





  1. I loved the interaction between mother/daughter … very precious! May they continue to love living tiny in the woods of Mt. Laguna!

  2. $1000 a month for a tiny home with no stove? Well I live in the San Fernando Valley out side of Los Angeles and to rent a home now runs around $5-6 thousand a month.

  3. This is amazing!! I clicked on this randomly and that is the same village, the same house I looked at last week. It’s right near me. That was the home i was most interested in as well. Glad for you both. And glad to see the next generation letting go of all the excess we have come to obsess over.

  4. It’s ok – I could not be arsed with being on my hands and knees up stairs – that would wear thin pretty fast . Balcony is nice

  5. In case you didn’t know, guinea pigs should be kept in two’s, they are very social animals and won’t live long if kept alone

  6. I think this is cute, but I like them a little more fancy. Just a little more and I like the lofts to be higher. Too claustrophobic for low ceiling lofts.

  7. I liked the jaunty exterior, the closer relationship and the community vibe that is offered. Unfortunately, I found the interior dark and cluttered. I would redecorate to maximise sense of space and definitely enlarge those lofts. Am glad that the family are enjoying the benefits of their move though.

  8. i was thinking this house isn’t to small and then i remember the size of my house and was like ok this is very small but it’s very cute and i would love one

  9. i like how everybody’s talking about how cute and realistic the house is and the daughter and all but..
    *she owns a snake i-*

  10. ok, im so jelly. really. im thinking i may live like this when i move out and live in my own house and leave my ugly ass country-
    ok its not that bad, but still.
    also, notan expert but that cage is really small.

  11. The house is amazing but that poor guinea pig lives alone, has a tiny cage with no enrichment and no hay. He/she’s also a skinny pig which mean he should probably have a fleece hide to stay warm

  12. That guinea pig cage is way too small!! A guinea pig should be in at LEAST triple the size of that cage!!! Also a guinea pig should not be living alone, they should always have another guinea pig with them!! I’m sorry but the way that guinea pig is living is sad and unfair on the poor animal. I know that your proud to have a small home but having a guinea pig live in them conditions all alone is WRONG.

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