Single Mother Builds Scandinavian Inspired Tiny House To Escape // tiny house tour

Experience Living In A w/ US!

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  1. Try living in a tipi in N. Alberta at -40 c… That’ll test your survival skills… Even made my own T.V antennae for reception (Peasant T.v)… Buried my wood stove in the ground half-way to heat the soil, which transferred the thermal heat to the space during the night after the fire burned out… THAT was Serenity!

    • A friend of mine works in “Yellow Knife – Northwest Territory”. Thank you very much; never going there! (Brutally cold!) (A retired engineer)

  2. It’s absolutely beautiful but the snow, cold weather and going outside in the cold into freezing cold water absolutely not for me. I absolutely love your creativity though and inspiration.

  3. Wow … you’re really beautiful when you’re not digging trenches in South America 🙂

    BTW: I always admired the fast pace and fluidity of Jordon’s incredible video work and editing.
    I see you are now offering a course on his process … question .. I’m confused….. is it 40 bucks
    for 1 module … or is it all of the modules?

    Thanks – JP

    BTW: I loved this video … I’m ready to rent the Wigwam for the night ! 🙂

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