Skinny home in Toronto as prototype for parking-space homes?

When Cyril Borovsky bought a 16-foot-wide strip of land Toronto sandwiched between two bungalows, he knew the only way to fit more than one bedroom on the tiny was to think cubically. Using a steel frame and performing much of the work himself- with just a boom lift and makeshift pulley-, he went up four floors.

The final 1,300 square foot home fits 3 bedrooms and 3 baths on a 16-foot-wide lot. Borovsky recognizes that his lot is unusually thin (“not quite the skinniest in Toronto, but almost”), but he thinks his home could be a prototype for turning laneway parking into homes.


  1. I can’t believe the city of Toronto wouldn’t let this guy add another window but let my neighbours build a 30 foot, 3 storey extension, eliminating 100% of their green space and leaving me in the shadows staring at a cinder block wall

  2. I don’t see how any home gets light….they’re all on top of each other. I’m sure you hear everything your neighbors are saying… privacy at all. I’d never get used to that. I’m aggregated enough with living on a 2 acre wooded lot and the trees blocking sunlight.

  3. here where i live people do something very similar to this, it’s called ‘invasão’, literally means ‘invasion’, and despite the houses don’t being so sophisticated as this guy’s and people here don’t obeying the “rules” it’s usually how the favelas (slums) got started…

  4. The surrounding houses could have been bought and fixed up for half of what he payed for this monolithic monstrosity (per square foot), so much for anyone copying his idea.

  5. Not Nice to Build that tall. Must take lots of light and sun from the the other houses gardens. Lawful or not.
    The house across the street does not have flat roof that high. Also he could have put wood on sides to fit in style

  6. That thing looks like it will fall, and for 3 million I’d buy a house where my neighbours aren’t so close, near water for a lot less! Have fun selling it ?

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