1. its small, but not cannot-live-in small, and it’s cozy and cute. I wouldn’t
    mind a home like that. Really big houses make you feel lonely, maybe just a
    little, right?

  2. I remember this home from a few years ago. One would have to be okay with
    traffic noise & obviously ‘tight spaces’ otherwise you could go insane. The
    fact that Mum & Son share is amazing & good on them.

  3. Honestly this isn’t small by Japanese standards… I live in a huge house
    but I would be perfectly comfortable in this place.

  4. kinda sad, it makes you think. $500 thousand dollars for that? I don’t
    think it is right. And the developers must be smiling in their huge houses

  5. Land is at a premium in Japan in general, but especially in Tokyo, so a big
    portion of the $500,000 was probably just the price for the land. The
    reporter never mentioned where in Tokyo these people lived, but the
    residential land price in 2011, for 30 square meters, was between
    ¥7,230,000, or ~$91,746 at the low end (in Yokohama) and ¥84,900,000, or
    ~$1,077,347, at the high end (in Ichigaya).

  6. Damn, this house is so small, too small for liking though. Love Japanese
    houses and flats but theres a limit to where the rooms start to look
    cramped and ugly rather than small and functional.

  7. You misunderstood. The second part was another architect showing the plot
    of land he is about to build a house on. I have been to see this house and
    I can tell you – it is too small for 2 standard cars.

  8. you’re right, but if you want to work / live in the city and can’t afford
    own a bigger space that’s just the sacrifice you have to make.

  9. she acts like stairs are soooo innovative…ya building rooms on top of
    each other instead of side by side has never been done before

  10. americans like things big, I have seen videos of cars crashing on to
    motorbikes and sometimes they argue it was right becasue the car is bigger.

  11. When he gets tired of sharing a bedroom with his mother he could buy pretty
    much whatever space he NEEDS in Houston for that much or less. And he
    doesn’t NEED to be single, if it bothers him. He’s very good looking.

  12. this is tokyo a very expensive city check out vancouver downtown in Canad
    youl be lucky to get a small apartment for 3 million dallors but you go to
    suskatchewan and youl live on a acre

  13. Location, dude, location. Wherever land is scarce, real estate prices tend
    to be really high. Don’t compare apples and oranges.

  14. Sad truth is as the population grows things are going to get more and more
    unaffordable, I feel bad for those big cities with not a lot of space
    available that are feeling the pinch already.

  15. Japan is a country about the size of California , smaller actually, and it
    has about 1/3 the population of the States. So coming by open land is

  16. The Entire of Tokyo is made of Trash land, they used Trash and paved over
    the trash to make new land. they could import trash from countries and
    expand their land.

  17. The Entire of Tokyo is made of Trash land, they used Trash and paved over
    the trash to make new land. they could import trash from countries and
    expand their land.

  18. yeah. china already makes plenty of trash, they could use some of that. in
    the 60+ 70’s japan made trash too but they only made good stuff by the 80’s.

  19. I love these wonderful little homes. I am getting ideas for a house to
    retire into with my widowed sister and our 2 cats. Neither of us likes
    housework and would rather do things like gardening, teaching english to
    foreigners for free and other things to enrich our lives. Thanks for the
    great videos!

  20. If they are really calling this an ultra small house then they must be new
    to japan. There are people in tokyo forced to live in even smaller homes.

  21. its all about the cost of the land this tiny spot costed about 250,000 i
    guess it has to be a really good location even for tokyo thats very

  22. The cost USD 500,000 to build such a nice house is low when compared with
    the high price in Hong Kong. We can only buy a small flat of 400 sq ft with
    this amount of money in Hong Kong! He is a lucky guy to own such a nice

  23. It’s all about location. In amsterdam(central) you’d pay a million euro’s
    for a =/-80m2 house. In The smaller cities it would be half of it and in
    smaller villages it’d be even less! It’s all about location, income and the
    status of the country.

  24. Thier should be more public housing in japan and people should just go on
    wlefare and not make it such a big deal.

  25. What a beautiful house. Honestly, that’s all the space two people would
    need, and the price, at that location, is more than worth it.

  26. My friend Steve lived and worked in Tokyo for a few years and his apt was
    so small he and his roomie took turns being there for 12 hours at a time
    each! There was no way to do it otherwise. Steve took to drink, got ALS &
    went to help at Fukushima & got a virulent cancer so he died last year. He
    said they drink like crazy in Tokyo & his job as an English language
    trainer was very stressful, but oddly, he & the roomie got along well (but
    never saw each other!).

  27. It seems very well planned. I’m getting older and couldn’t handle those
    steps. I had two NYC apts, one a co-op & one rented & during a recession I
    legally sublet the rented one & lived in the tiny 1-bedroom co-op with my
    husband & that absolutely ruined a 12-year marriage. It was just too small
    for us. I gave him the co-op which I paid for, everything else or I’d have
    owed him alimony under NYS law, & took back the sublet place when the
    sublease expired. Never again a tiny home!

  28. With that much money, they could get a huge house in the United States with
    Central Air and Heat, washer and dryer, great furniture, etc. But hey, is
    their decision.

  29. You guys must live in Alabama because houses in CA are close to 1 million.
    Taxes increased, gas prices average $3.90 for unleaded, 1/4 of the
    population is homeless because a declining economy, lost their jobs, &
    business. Country is split in half due to gun laws, loss of constitutional
    rights, it will take 20 yrs until USA gets back to where it was in the
    90’s. Look at the statistics of crime in USA & compare it to Japan, this
    isn’t fairy land you better be ready it gets very Real here.

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