Small Midtown Tokyo Apartment

Just a quick video you this week! I’m traveling at the moment but wanted to make sure I still had a video up for you. Japan is world famous for it’s pioneering architecture and fantastic spatial design. Over the next few weeks, I will be the and seeking examples of the best downsized spaces. Last night I had my first experience of a midtown Tokyo and so I wanted to share it with you.

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  1. really nice apt for a single person haha, how long are you gonna stay in
    Japan? I’m really looking forward to see all the awesome ideas that the
    Japanese use in their small apartments, cheers mate.

  2. other than the one-unit bath plumbing, it had a very European style,
    reminded me of a few apartments I’ve stayed at in Madrid and Barcelona in
    particular. can’t wait to see the tiny houses!

  3. The bathroom is very close looking to the one you’ll find in a Nakagin
    Capsule! Please go visit the Nakagin Towers one studio apartment is only 10
    square meters!

  4. lovely. . how ironic. . I dream of a tiny house but I live in a huge old
    house here in Japan. . though I hope to build a tiny house next year ~!! I
    love small spaces :-)

  5. Get down to the the 300 yen bar in Higashi Ginza and rub shoulders with
    some local urban dwellers. Tall long-haired gaijin such as yourself will do
    real well there.

  6. You are always so enthusiastic , you could sell anything ! Hope the stay
    you have is filled with interest for you to share with us . Always fun to
    watch and very informative , thank you from UK

  7. I’ve been designing spaces – kitchens, baths, basements, new houses – for
    40+ years and I always try to convince my clients that the ‘Smaller is
    Smarter’ concept IS smarter. The concept here in the USA is still a bit
    hard for some to accept.

    MORE from Tokyo PLEASE!!

  8. i dont know if anyone mentioned in here already. but basically yeah, that
    shower/bathroom is a unit bath. the whole entire room its a unit cubicle
    thats been basically shoved into the structure. There are variations of
    this. My apartment is a unit bath but doesnt have the toilet but just a
    sink. The old apartment i grew up in had both the toilet and shower and
    sink together.

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