“SMALLER” Tiny House w/a Whiskey Barrel Shower!

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Deek’s Website on tiny houses and more- http://www.Relaxshacks.com

In this tour, Derek and Dustin Diedricksen, while at the Georgia , talk to Andrew of “Free Range Tiny Homes” and get a walk-through of one of their very newest models- one quite a bit smaller than most on the scene today. This house has a small kitchen, a loft, bathroom with a whiskey barrel shower, beautiful french doors, a fold down deck, and quite a bit more.

You can check out Free Range Tiny Homes at:


  1. This is where the tiny house movement has gone WRONG. It started out to be an affordable alternative. $38,000 for a 16 footer is market rape.

  2. I dig the copper shield. I had to rewind several times whenever you said canvas. Thought I was hearing other things ?

  3. I wish you could show more of the house, and less of you guys talking, we don’t need to see you, we can here you. I keep rewinding, trying to see the house, but just get 1 second shots of things, I guess that’s how you get repeated clicks, but so wrong, is there another way to see all of this tiny house and long views of its features? And woodstoves always have an exhaust, it’s called a stove pipe, not unique, unless you are talking about something else, but you don’t show what you are talking about, just shots of you two talking, really disappointed with this video, and 38k is outrageous, I built one the same size for under 2k, doesn’t look pretty like this one, and I am not finished with inside, and my son built my trailer, so that was free to me, but I know the prices of materials and labor, highway robbery, everyone getting into this and wrecking it. This should stay with repurposed materials, etc, that’s the point of going minimal. Really bad camera person, who wouldn’t show the house much, just glorifying you guys?

  4. I know this might sound crazy, but have you considered shooting the videos with a 360 degree camera? You put the camera in the center of each room/area on a tripod and the viewer can pan around the image to see the room/area. Just do a YouTube search of 360 videos to see what it’s like. As long as the camera supports 4K resolution, the video should be sharp enough.

  5. 38,000?!?!?!?! Randy jones over at incredible tiny homes can do this so god damn much cheaper! Go to him if you want this house

  6. Loved everything about this one…the design, the layout, the coloring…even loved the bathroom/shower…so cute!…You thought of it all…and easily off grid, wow, I couldn’t think of anything else.

  7. I’d live in it. And it’s nice enough and better made than could be diy’d. There’s a lot more to building a tiny house than a standard sized. Much closer tolerances and specialty skill to know how to keep it from falling apart in transit.

  8. 38000 for a 16ft I do agree with most that is too much. Even when putting in for the cause of things like a trailer which people usually don’t think about when looking at prices of tiny houses. And some people don’t even think about man hours, which is stupid.

    But I think that statement “you get what you pay for” is always a double edge sword type of sayings. You can end up paying an insane price for stuff that breaks down when the wind blows.

    This is were doing your research comes into play and finding the builder that is right for you.

  9. i Am i the only one that envisions a tiny house with no windows? maybe like two small loft windows only. Zombies…….., plus for some reason people like to break into tiny houses, seriously. They can tell if youre home, see all of your stuff thru the window, everything they want is in one room. Ever do a video on tiny house security?? I havent seen one yet,

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