Smart Gen Z 1st Time Home Buyer Gets TINY HOUSE – affordable city life

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👉Where can PARKING?
👉How can TOW my THOW to or road trip?

❇️ shot by Christian
❇️ produced by Alexis
❇️ extra photos from the owner

Video Chapters:

2:45 – preowned tiny house parking
3:25 – sponsor message
4:11 –
7:44 – tiny living with a roommate
9:49 – cont'd
14:46 – tiny house lot

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  1. Derek your mom is watching over you and is so proud of you and what you have done. Your home is so colorful and fun. Love your dog, have a chihuahua mix myself, they are sweet little terrors.

  2. Using your propane cooker will produce moisture in your home. An extractor fan in your bathroom would help the extractor fan too

  3. You are so creative! I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler…I’m sure your mom is proud of you and your achievements since her passing. Check out Gunnar Deatherage on YouTube – he’s also very creative but in a different venue. Good luck with your creations and keep sharing with the world!

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