Smart Millennial Buys Stylish TINY HOUSE as Perfect 1st Home


Torey purchased a beautiful so that she could own a home in her 20s in Austin, Texas. Houses may be the perfect option for millennial homeowners.

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  1. Loved that it was Turn Key, all she had to do was: pay $$$ & move in, it came w/ appliances and regular toilet. Lucky ☘

  2. First reaction: ‘wow, this *is* a happy place!
    Great layout, love the stairs and the windows in the loft.
    And I mean… The lot is just amazing.

    • Lots of ways… But in that city, everything else costs more. The median home price in Austin is $400,000. Even just renting, as of January, 2020, average apartment rent within 10 miles of Austin, TX is $1561… and rent usually goes up a bit each year…

      So basically she would have spent that much on just rent in just around three years and have basically nothing to show for it afterward… Versus being able to stretch those payments to 12 years at an easier to pay rate that ends with her owning the home and then reducing her costs to a fraction of what they would have been otherwise.

      Living in a tiny house generally reduces a long list of long term costs like utilities, maintenance and cleaning, etc. and her lot rent includes water and sewage as well as amenities like the storage shed, etc.

      Along with a lot with enough room for her dog to run around, give an actual sense of privacy, and a generally good view that is something you generally don’t get in most rental options…

      Minimizing also means not shopping as much or spending on anything you don’t really need and thus having more disposable income that you can use to either save up or accelerate paying off her mortgage to do it much less than 12 years…

      Later, she can also rent it out and turn it into an income source that can eventually more than pay for itself…

  3. Hey Torey..Your home is really a happy place.the light,the windows,the light colour wood..the best to my taste so far.. hope it will be a happier place everr ?
    I wish we could see more of it in detail..?

  4. Wow, I really love the design of this tiny, never seen this layout before and I watch alot of tiny house videos

  5. When I was working in the Real Estate industry I was amazed at the mindset of the buyers who I would interact with. They would only just be starting out in their careers or Industry and yet insisted on buying a 4×2 house. They didn’t even have children but wanted the biggest and the best. They invariably ended up having to sell out and downgrade. My first was a 1 bedroom unit with a courtyard. Couldn’t seem to get through to them that they needed to start small… Sad.

  6. We have 25 acres and a 2200 square home together in our 30 yr mortgage. Our loan payment is $1000. It must be very expensive to live in austin

  7. $950 a month?? That is about what we pay for mortgage and all bills and utilities on a 3 bed terraced house in Northern England. I had no idea Austen was such an expensive place to live… 😐

  8. $950 a month!?!?! That’s still expensive! My mom and I have a spacious townhome with 1400+ square footage and we only pay $825! But then again, Austin TX might be way different with costs of living than Knoxville, TN where I’m from 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔

    • Curly Self-Taught Gymnast I have friends in Knoxville and they say it is very different! I did also want to invest in something that could change and move with my life

  9. These things should be modular. You know, so you can buy extra rooms to attach to the house over time. Plug and play type stuff. Over time you’ll have quite a respectable house. If they Welch on the debt of a new room, at least they won’t lose the entire house 🙂

    Edit: that’s a freebie. One of you engineers better get on this one 🙂

  10. So proud of you. AMD very happy for you to realize this lifestyle at such a young age. If only I had done this a long long time ago.

  11. $950 a month? That $4.75 a square foot.
    In Austin, you can buy a house for $950 a month.
    Or for like $1,000, you can rent an apartment. And they’ll be way bigger then this.

  12. So she’s paying $950 a month. In 12 years she’ll pay $136,800. That’s with no interest.
    At 3% , she’s paying $11,500 in interest.

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