Smart Tiny House with Drop-Floor Loft & Loads of Clever Storage – FULL TOUR

The 28′ Halcyon tiny house model by Fritz Tiny Homes is an example of tiny home design being refined and perfected. At first glance, it might seem like a pretty simple floor plan, but there are so many clever features designed into it that make it incredibly functional. And they've managed to fit in a of the items on people's wish lists, like a comfortable sofa, a bathtub, a washing machine, a standard staircase with a railing, a loft you can stand up in, a proper for clothes, space to work from home, and more.

This particular home is designed to be off-grid with ground-mounted , water tanks under the home, and a waterless toilet. The in-floor heat and hot water are provided by a combi-boiler. And the exterior boasts unique rooflines, loads of picture windows, and which is low maintenance.

You can find out more about them here:

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  1. This is incredibly well researched and thought out. Thinking about how you need the area around your shoulders to be clear, for example, is just one example of why this feels larger than any tiny home I’ve ever seen.

  2. Very nice.
    Two wonders though.
    With so much thought put into it.
    Why did you not switch the refrigerator hinges to the left, so that it would open towards the kitchen and not the bathroom? It’s a simple operation.
    Getting out of the side of the bed by the window would be hard, without disturbing ones mate. On that side the ceiling is below crawling height.

  3. I would suggest a gutter on the roof to divert the rain from the main entrance. Why does the roof stop so close to the wall? Would rain get into the walls? I wonder if the stairs have more storage, only the bottom step seems to have storage. The design and decor is well done and the transformer sofa is amazing. The roof line give a really nice interior, beautiful.

  4. FYSA – From their website: “Due to the custom, efficient and high quality nature of our builds a typical broad range for a tiny home would be $185,000 – 275,000 + tax CAD depending on length, style, layout, utilities, and fit and finish.”

  5. Do you guys build in the UK? This is my fave tiny home design yet.

    Only slight complaint I have is that I couldn’t see a TV in the living room area or space for one.

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