Snorkeling the Silfra Fissure in Winter

, located in southern , is home to the meeting point of two tectonic plates – the Eurasian and the North American. Silfa is a deep fissure formed between these tectonic plates. The water in the fissure comes from glacial melt, and it’s bluer than blue. Snorkel and enthusiasts travel from all over the world to explore these aqua waters.

The water in Iceland’s Silfra fissure maintains a temperature of 35°F (or 2°C) year round. When I told my friends back home of my plan to snorkel in Iceland in , they thought I was crazy!

Guillaume and I met our snorkel guides and suited up in a dry suit. Within 15 minutes of doing the march of the penguins toward the water, my toes had gone completely numb and my lips were swollen.

Finally, it was my turn to enter the water. I waddled down the steps and, to my surprise, the water actually felt warm!

Why snorkel the Silfra? The water literally takes your breath away, and I’m not talking about the freezing temperature. Imagine the bluest, clearest water you’ve ever experienced, and you won’t even come close.

After 40 minutes of snorkel time, we emerged. The world outside had received a sprinkling of snow. The color contrast came as a shock, and I preferred my blue underwater oasis. Our snorkel guides offered us hot chocolate and cookies as we peeled off our dry suits and snorkels.

I can’t recommend this tour enough, even in winter! Just do it!

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Music by Passenger: Let Her Go


  1. Not nearly enough hot chocolate on tap at the end, lol. Great shots of the
    scuba divers below you through that clear, clear water.

  2. Loved everything about it! So wish I’d done what you guys are doing when I
    was a young girl. But my sense of duty to my family kept me close to home.
    Ahhh but I can live through you guys! Thanks for sharing and I love the
    music that you picked too! I look forward to more stories of your journeys!


  3. So beautiful. Never considered snorkeling in the snow before. That’s such
    an odd combination to me. Looks like fun. I had to laugh when it looked
    like your wetsuit was giving birth. Don’t think my XXL head would fit
    through that. Hope you realize how lucky you are to be experiencing what
    you are right now. I’m envious.

  4. Nice video 🙂 I just wish my countrymen stop the lie about Þingvellir being
    part of the meeting point of the Euro and American plates, it simply is not
    true (it was belived to be until the 1960s) The plates meet in Iceland,
    just not at Þingvellir. Hope u enjoy your trip :)

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