Snowboarder turns to Building Custom Tiny House Van Conversions

As some choose to live a life on the road through tiny houses on wheels or van conversions (or skoolies- converted school buses), NC’s JJ Catlett has been providing a custom built product where there is a need- and has been keeping very busy at that. He calls his vehicles “Adventure Mobiles”. Take a look at one of JJ’s recent conversions- something he initially conceived for his own travel, camping, and needs/desires- and you’ll see that much hasn’t been left out. Fully off-grid these van homes provide almost all the comforts of a normal house, but in a much smaller space. Solar powered, easy to clean, and easy to “hide”, make these “Custom Van Campers” a hot commodity for many with this one man’s growing business.

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  1. I can’t stress enough how important cargo netting can be for creating ceiling storage. It’s perfect for clothing, towels, bed sheets, etc.

  2. Most definitely if i had a conversion van i wouldnt want windows on the sides or back so i can be able be stealthy and park everywhere

  3. I like how neat and organized this van is. I see so many videos of people who look like slobs and their vans reflect that. I also like the idea of moving the bed higher in order to create more storage underneath, something I would do if I were to get into a van. However, I don’t like all that wood on the walls and ceilings. I believe that adds weight to the van and decreases gas mileage.

    I tried getting into an RV but being in disability, the SSA and Medicare were going to make it difficult to do.

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