Sol Haus Design – tiny house tour

Take a movie of Vina Lustado’s tiny house Ojai. She shares outstanding recommendations on and standard of living!

Her house is a Sol Haus Design tiny house:
Dimensions: eight’6″ w X 13’8″ h X 20′ L with a 18″ bumpout
Total Material/Labor Cost: $40k

Fakro Pivoting Skylights:

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  1. Very beautiful and cozy home!!! I simply love the design!!! Thanks for
    letting me into your tranquil space!!! Please enjoy your life there!!!

  2. You know had wrong ideas about tiny houses .
    Thanks to youur vid’s i learn that tiny houses is not only for people who
    can live without a minimal comfort . You got everything you need in a
    smaller place.
    Its awesome . Well done & finished .
    Just awesome.

  3. as a general rule of thumb in carpentry housebuilding you never ever place
    a window right next to a shower space you will inevitably have water leak
    issues. i have been to ojai ca. part of ventura county just off pch . 40k
    for the tiny house however the cost of land in ojai would be cost
    prohibitive for the tiny house folks . ojai is one of the toniest addresses
    in the state of ca. that tiny house is only temporary on someone elses

  4. So I noticed her saying a couple things about the code and one thing that
    caught my attention was that she said a means of escape in case of fire
    (the window in her loft) was required by code. Does that mean tiny houses
    are now legal in California as long as it meets some code?

    • Nope, it does not mean that at all. Just that some aspect of code are for
      safety and are good building practices. And a tiny house on a trailer will
      most likely never meet code, just because of their small size.

  5. So nice to see a tiny house that did not skimp on nice fittings, fixtures,
    faucets and such, rather than reused gunk, odd bits and bobs. Nice. It
    looks “finished”. Would recommend a rope ladder by the window.

  6. It’s great of you to feature world-class tiny houses, such as Vina’s Sol
    House, & the stories of the people behind it. Your own story is awesome,
    too. How about featuring the young 13-year old Sicily’s project which she
    started with her dad?

  7. you dont use the toilet ‘much’ because its not legal. Somehow I dont think
    the law distinguishes frequency of use as to if its legal. Use your compost
    toilet, your garden will thank you, not to mention wasting less water.

  8. Nice to see such a knowledgable tiny home owner. It’s so important to
    understand the way your house is built and designed to help give others an
    idea of where to start on their tiny house journey! the thought she put in
    is very beautiful and exciting. A true reflection of her personality. This
    is just wonderful.

  9. Very nice! And I loved the demonstration of the loft window, very worth
    the price. California must be so expensive for building materials,
    specifically, that chimney flu would only be a couple hundred dollars in
    MN, even for the double pipe. Is there an air intake required for a
    propane heat source? Keep up the great videos, you guys are teaching us
    all so much with all that you share! :)

  10. I love Vina’s Tiny House and it has from the very beginning been in my top
    3. Getting some great ideas from it, though I’ll adjust them to what I
    envision. I would LOVE to know where she got that knitted organizer that
    she has hanging in the bathroom. Have seen that in one other Tiny House,
    before (I think Alek Lisefsky’s?) but can’t seem to find it, anywhere.

    • Oh, and because I think you might ask, my other 2 favorites are Macy’s
      MiniMotives and Shay and Tom’s “Lucy” in NZ 😉

  11. hello ate vina pinoy po kayo, i know u understand me.. love ko po ngayon
    ang tiny home… napanood ko sa youtube yun isang video nyo po kaya alam
    ko po na pinoy kayo… ganda po ng tiny home nyo… sana magkaroon din ako

  12. Beautiful simple design. It works!
    One of my favourite tiny houses . . So far.
    Keep the tiny house tours coming.
    I really enjoy watching and learning about them.

  13. See that’s what I don’t understand about people who live in tiny houses.
    They often spend extra money on an additional office spaces and then,
    storage space. So whats the point then.

    • Some do, we don’t. We only have a couple boxes with paperwork and a couple
      old cameras at our parents’ houses. Others have jobs that don’t allow them
      to work in a tiny house. Vina has a house design office for her job
      already. Her lifestyle is still amazingly minimal compared to everyone

    • +NJatTheDisco Thank you for your comment.The work that I do requires
      storage for large size drawings, lots of reference materials and binders,
      and many meetings with clients and consultants. I could not do this in my
      Tiny House, especially with the privacy needed in my home. My Tiny House
      allows me to rent a downtown office space because I’ve reduced my monthly
      expenses. I’m also more engaged with my community as a result. The beauty
      of tiny houses is the flexibility it affords for whatever lifestyle you

  14. This was really nicely shot. Casual, but not shaky – and the little
    interludes with exterior shots between sections works extremely well. Of
    course the subject matter is what really counts, and Vina is incredibly
    talented. What a sophisticated place. Thanks for the tour.

  15. Thank you for this video. Gorgeous house. I appreciate that you’re
    allowing the homeowner to do the majority of the talking now. It’s a more
    natural format. I’ve also noticed an improved shift in the camera
    work/editing where you’re now filming elements of the house with
    voiceover. I like that a lot. 

    • +OneSweetWorldLIOG This lady is a designer any very use to expressing
      herself, so it made sense for her to do the majority of the talking. She
      knew exactly what questions people wanted to know about.

  16. Love the tour video! You guys are awesome…Im am truly thankful for your
    contribution to the tiny house movement and taking your time to and work to
    bring us these amazing stories. :)

  17. And another great video! What a great space! I really like the
    sofa/bed/storage from the local craftsman. Keep up the great work!

  18. I liked this tour a lot. I feel like we got to see all the details she
    shared as she was talking about them. I liked the bloopers at the end. Your
    videos keep getting better. Looking forward to the next one. 

  19. Vina’s house is so nice! I love the tiny house movement and your videos
    are great. I am always wondering how you find the land to have your house
    set up? Would you please cover that sometime? thanks! Cheers!

    • I love the idea of “tiny” houses, but I would need about 10 of them, plus a
      pair of “tiny greenhouses” too!

  20. Every time i watch another of your vids it makes me realize how much of my
    life i wasting putting my efforts into a home i dont like near as much as
    what you guys are showing. I also like how different each tiny house owner
    is from the next. There is no one set personality . 

  21. Are those special effect bird twits or what?! Living in that forest, and
    waking up with snow white’s birds, man wow. That’s natural coffee right

  22. I love this house. The design of it is very close to what I am aiming
    towards with mine. Thanks for sharing, this is a great inspiration! :)

  23. This house has some incredible aesthetic. You can really see the design
    influence throughout. I loved the window selection and placement.

  24. Lol, luv the little blooper at the end !! What a Great little home,
    absolutely Beautiful. The homeowner knew Exactly what she was talking about
    & REALLY MADE THE WHOLE VIDEO VERY SMOOTH !! She, Rather They (friends &
    workers) did one of the Best Tiny Houses I’ve seen yet !! I Love the Huge
    extended patio /deck & also that she added an overhead covering of some
    sort, in order to block the sun !! I just wish they talked about that
    covering, just a little. Over all a Great home & another Great video from
    you guys !! Thanks for sharing !!!!! . p.s.- ALSO LOVE THAT TILTING

  25. Awesome house, beautifully build and very well though out! And the owner is
    so adorable (something in her voices and tone is so relaxing – I could
    listen to her for hours).
    I’m surprised ecological toilets are illegal in this county! That’s dumb.

  26. What a lovely home and owner! It looks so cozy. I love the idea for the
    mini office with larger desk. I would change only the loft size and I would
    add storage-stairs instead of the ladder. 

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