Solo Mother With Teenage Daughter Builds Amazing Tiny House

This week we visit the amazing home of an inspiring solo mother, who built an on wheels where she now lives together with her teenage daughter.

Constructing the herself, mostly from reclaimed and seconds grade , she was able to build her home for a unbelievably low price, meaning she now owns her own home .

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Living in a tiny house together with a teenager may be a at times, but thanks to some incredibly clever design both mother and daughter have ample private space in the home.

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. I really love the design of this tiny house the only thing I don’t like from this house is that it’s a really crowded house

  2. Man, Katie’s a lucky kid. To have a mom who’s that talented, skilled, creative, and resourceful? I would be so proud. And I would have killed to have a bedroom like that at her age. There are so many great design elements in this place, things as seemingly simple as the front door placement to just having doors to the bedrooms to stair design, etc. Man, I love this house! ? ?

  3. I’ve been watching video of tiny houses and viewing photos for a while now. The design of this tiny home is by far one of the best thought out and useful designs I have seen. Fabulous job! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. This is perfection ? I love this home so much so I am looking forward to her releasing the plans of the place. The fact that she could actually have doors here bought me completely. Check her Instagram profile it is packed full of beautiful pictures of her amazing house. ?????

  5. Thank you, Bruce! I can’t stop being surprised with your enthusiasm, interesting homes and people you manage to find, great quality of video and dialogs! This house is not an exception. So cool. So that you and your subscribers know, this movement reached Russia some time ago, there are some completed projects, I myself couldn’t help but get involved in it. This November I will finish my own tiny house in Moscow suburb. Who knows, maybe one day I will see you here as a guest too)))

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